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what are CCJ's??????????

what are CCJ's??

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    CCJ's stands for County Court Judgements. A County Court Judgement is made by the court of law in United Kingdom if a person has made a County Court Claim against you. A County Court Claim is made by a person on you in case you owe him some amount of money that you have been delaying all this while. The patience of that opposite person ended and eventually made a case on you. You need to hire a lawyer who will fight your case in your favour and will make sure you have to make a low payment. The judge will make a County Court Judgement and you will have to pay the amount that has been set either by the creditor or by the judge.

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    County Court Judgement, your case has gone to court, and it is proved you owe the money claimed, the court will issue an order saying you must repay the debt. This order is called the CCJ and will be for the amount agreed by you and the creditor or, if there is no agreement an amount set by the court.

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    County Court Judgements - in English Law

    If you get a letter telling you a county court claim has been issued saying you owe someone money, don't be alarmed. The court will decide whether you have a debt to pay - and if so, how you should repay it - in a way that's fair to everyone.

    The purpose of a county court claim

    Someone you owe money to (known as a 'creditor') can take a county court action against you to claim the money. If you pay the amount outstanding, you can avoid a judgment being made against you.

    If you can’t pay the money in full, then you must fill in the court papers and return them within the time limit.

    The court doesn't find anyone 'guilty' or 'innocent'. It looks at the facts and decides whether you owe any money, and if so, how you should repay it.

    Under Scottish law, claims are dealt with differently, by the Sheriff Court.

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    County Court Judgement.

    Where financial debts have unable to be resolved by the two parties and where court have to make a final decision

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    It well-called a County courtroom Judgement. the place all of us is judged some debt often even even though it may hide different issues like reposession of a house or products, hire arrears to a landlord and so on.

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