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why do people act like peyton manning carries the colts?

he has a great defense to back him up in 07 they were ranked 3rd in 08 ranked 11th and they were top 10 until the starters got pulled i'm not saying peytons not great but people ignore the fact he has a great team and the jets game does not count c'mon people they threw a rookie in with the number #1 defense and took wayne ,clark and others out i mean what do you expect 300 yards and 5 td's, exactly why i believe he did not deserved MVP

for example drew brees saints teams defense were ranked 26 every year since 07 and the 27th ranked rushing offense 07 and 08 and kikers who could make nothing thats why they missed the playoffs, drew brees never had the team to back him up and when he does he goes16-2 and wins a super bowl (carolina game he did not play) that just shows how the nfl makes exeptions for mr.manning because i dont think i heard any cases for drew brees MVP when he had no defense and no running game

one mor thing for people who said drew lost the MVP because he lost games and played more first peyton manning played 14 games a two halves thats 15 games brees also played 15 and when they lost to dallas 5 starters were missing and the lost to tampa was sean paytons fault when he kept running the ball brees went like 32 of 35 and the kicker missed and they lost in OT

now they really shold not even have an MVP because mannings just gonna get its been two years in a row brees has been vote player of the year by coaches and players they actually know somthing not retarded sportswriters

for brees to win mvp he'll have to have at least 60 td's 5,000 yards and break his own record with a 80% qb rating


also the saints were 3-13 before brees and have no pro bowl recivers

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  • Brian
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    10 years ago
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    If Manning was on grass in the elements he would show more of his human side.

    He is totally over-rated!

    Great commercials however- remember he wanted the bag boy's autograph.

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    Because he does.

    That great defense you are talking about consists on a bunch of undersized players who can not stop the run and their best player (Sanders) is always hurt. The defense stats look decent because Manning knows how to manage games and keeps his defense out of the field as long as possible.

    The running game simply sucks, Joseph Addai can not stay healthy and Donald Brown was a big disappointment (see how meaningful are first round picks sometimes). If the Saints were ranked 26th and 27th in rushing, the Colts were ranked 31st in 2008 and 32nd (dead last!) in 2009. So Manning wins this one.

    The offensive line is awful since Tarik Glenn retired. Jeff Saturday can not block it all and there is no decent left tackle to protect Manning's blind side.

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    Because people don't understand, that while Manning is a good QB, its the system that's the thing. Tom Moore is considered one of the greatest offensive minds in the NFL, and has been considered as such, since before Manning was in college. But, since Moore is not an ego maniac, he lets Manning take all the credit. Add to that, that Manning has played in that system for all of his 12 years in the NFL, all with Moore as his offensive coordinator, has always had a solid offensive line and surrounded by nothing but former 1st round picks at the skill positions. Name 1 QB that has been surrounded by that for 12 years, especially in the free agent era. Trust me, he's not doing it all alone.

  • pasco
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    3 years ago

    a pair of people made stable factors pay attention like the audibles, n being a coach on the sphere, n no longer letting different communities offences on the sphere because of the fact he controls the clock so properly, yet i think of it because of the fact no different quarterback in the league is given as plenty administration of their offense as Peyton Manning. he's been in the comparable gadget for over a decade and is familiar with it interior out, what quarterback has ever been in that undertaking? different than for Donovan Mcnabb (no longer anymore lmao) and Brett Farve (while he grow to be with the Packers) no longer any in modern-day reminiscence.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    In the playoffs he is not the "elite" quarterback that he is in the regular season (fact not opinion). In 2006, Peyton Manning's playoff stats were 3 td's and 7 int's, the defense clearly carried Peyton to the Lombardi Trophy. Peyton deserved the MVP last season, but in the playoffs he is far different than what he is in the regular season.

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    Um because he does he turned the colts a once terrible franchise from rags to riches

    he makes good wr's like marvin harrison look like hall of famers

    who is pierre garcon probably never heard of him before he came to the colts because manning made garcon what he is

    what ever happened to edgerrian james once he left the colts and manning hmm he "out of the blue" turns into an average rb

    bottom line: he makes players look better than they are. take a look at their progess with Curtis Painter at QB against the jets

    they would be lucky to win 5 games without peyton manning on the team

  • 10 years ago

    Peyton Manning is the 4 time MVP you should take a look at his career stats and then tell me if he sucks.

  • 10 years ago

    Because he is their Leader I mean he is strong enough to carry the Colts and He is tough enough to get them to win games they would lose without him.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    People need to realize that peyton has one hell of a offensive line

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    he does carry the colts . take him out of the line-up and they go 4-12

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