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Do you think England is a bad place to live?

Compared to other countries do you think England is a bad place to live? Just wondered what people from other countries think when they visit.

R other countries better to live in? Just want opinions? Have u ever visited the uk and thought omg never going there again!?

Or have you lived in another country and couldnt wait to get back?.

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    Well, I think the UK is kind of OK, as compared with many other countries, and especially compared with the US.

    I cannot imagine going to visit a country for a holiday where 80% of the population own guns, and where 60% do not speak English fluently.

    A very frightening prospect....

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    I'm English but working in Australia. To flog an old truism, life in Oz is more laid back. The people are friendlier and goodwill gestures are plentiful. It's also very boring, and that's not just down to the lifestyle. That it has no real identity or atmosphere, in a sense, makes it feel like just a place, not a country. I feel a bit claustrophobic here, like there is not enough going on to stimulate my imagination. England is a great environment to nurture the human soul. Think why England has sprung so much significant culture, artistically and scientifically. Of course it's my home so I'm biased, but I believe it to be a very special country indeed.

    One improvement would be to ship out all the council estate type scum.

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    user shell hit the spot on this Q.

    My opinion, I think England is an 'OK' place to live. yeah this is a shortage of jobs and good weather, although we have had great weather the past few weeks, but I bet a lot are saying the words 'global warming'.

    England has a spirit that no other country has which makes it very unique. we live differently to others, and the view of city's,towns etc. are not like others. this may look like a piece of awful writing but if you compare England to other countries you will see a difference

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    I like England. For all people complain about it, we live an incredibly privileged life here.

    I dont have any major complaints. I'd prefer it if it rained a bit less, and there were fewer racists, but I suppose you get racism of one sort or another anywhere you go. I'm also not too pleased by the Tory government.

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    I am not sure things like the "quality of life index", interesting as it is, can really rank countries statistically, I just don't see how certain things can be quantified, it is just a matter of perception.

    There are good and bad points about England. Right now a few more job vacancies would be useful.

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    yes and no yes because we have human rights and a decent well half decent justice system guns arent legal we have benefits for those out of work and we have free health care but on the flip side they have opened the flood gates letting everyone in to the country to take our jobs or live off our benefit we pay way to much tax from our wages and council tax oh and not to mention our brilliant weather

    swings and roundabouts

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    I quite like living in England, as it is warmer than Scotland. It seems to have fewer fat people too.

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    England, oh yes, I remember England -_- Twats indeed. There's too many orange people!! When you go into England it should say, "Beware of the Oompa Lompas"

    Some people there are nice though. Blackpool was the best. I prefered Scotland to be honest. The accents are soo cute! And their typical Scottish pubs are so cool!

    Love from Russia! x

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    It's better in some ways than the USA.

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