plumbers help required please ?

I dont consider myself a plumber by any stretch of the imagination but i do enjoy a bit of diy every now and then , i think i can put my hand to most household diy tasks , so my question is , my girlfriend wants me to fit a bath/shower mixer tap , in place of existing bath taps , i think i'll be ok fitting them to the pipes ok , with ( i guess ) , compression fittings and olives , etc ... , but wanted to know , as i want them deck mounted , are the spacings of the mixer tap holes going to be a standard size (width) uk ? , any help would be appreciated , thanks in advance ...

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    They are all a standard spacing,

    If you want brownie points, have a look at this bath filler, the taps can be bath mounted.

    wall mounted

    bath mounted

    Make the final connections in flexy. Its so much easier.


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    Depends how old the bath is. Anything less than 20 years old should be standard.

    How about turning the water off? So many gate valves jam for lack of annual movement. And if your existing plumbing is relatively old, then you won't have service valves (those little inline, screwdriver-slot ball valves) which make the job a doddle.

    And what are you like for access? Swinging spanners in close-quarters is what puts me off rushing into the delivery side of plumbing. Waste pipes are easy by comparison.

    If you haven't used olive compression fittings before, then don't do them up too tight. Wind them up finger tight then nip them up with wrench, but not more than half a turn. And no thread tape. I was lucky enough to find an adult ed plumbing course run by a real plumber - you'll never regret doing the same if you can find one.

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    Standard size for spacings is 180mm, just be careful that the holes weren't drilled by somebody fitting a pair of standard taps, as the spacings can be any size then...

    Also...make sure that the current feeds are 'balanced'.....if the cold is from the main(high pressure)and the hot from the cylinder(low pressure) then it wont mix very well in the tap..

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    standard spacing is 180mm

    Although if you look hard enough you can get ones with dog legged connectors to have a varied spacing, say from 150 - 200mm

    Check your system is ok for a bath shower mixer as most gravity systems will really suffer to power an upstairs shower

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