Does anyone else think Emma Watson is a bad actress?

I haven't seen her in any other films with her other than Harry Potter, but what I've seen is just really bad. She was hired when she was nine, and this was not due to any kind of acting ability, but because she looked the part. She is now a part of the films and part of the brand, and cannot be fired no matter how badly she acts. Tuh!

I've never heard anyone else complain about how badly she acts, but that's what I see. I mean I've nothing against her, I just think she's tons overrated. All she does is wiggle her eyebrows like crazy.

Does anyone else feel this way.

By the way, just because you're a fan of her and you simply can't understand how anyone could possibly criticise her, doesn't mean you have to assume my actions are the cause of jealousy. This is just an opinion. :)


I'm talking about the later ones, sorry, but she was pretty good in the earlier ones, I think.

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    In fairness, all the films you have seen her in are her playing one role. You admit you haven't seen her in anything else so how can you really comment on how good or bad she really is, if you have not seen her full range?

    Then again she has not been in much else due to the fact the filming for harry potter takes up a lot of her time outside of her studies. I say give her time. Once the last film is out and she has finished her studies, who knows, we might see her at her best in another role.

  • Alison
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    4 years ago

    She left because she's studying at Oxford for a semester/year. It's hard for her to do modeling/acting in Providence, so she took some time off. Plus she needed time to promote HP 7. The bullying stuff is just tabloid fodder. Emma never said this was a reason. She was treated with as much respect at Brown as she would be at any college, if not more. She's famous, of course it's going to be hard!

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    Actually,She went through Auditions for Harry potter..and i think she's a talented actress.

    You might not like her acting but that doesn't mean she's a bad actress..after all,it's a matter of tastes and opinions.

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    I think she's good myself. I've seen her in other things which have ultimately been a disappointment - but mainly because of the script and not her ability. I think for a nine year old she was pretty good when she started. I think she's improved amazingly since she started Harry Potter, as the whole cast have - before, they had to depend somewhat on the older members of the cast to supply the acting skills but they are all very gifted in their own right now.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What are you talking about? I think she's a good actress. She's definately good when she plays Hermione, and she's smart as well. Your opinion might change when she acts in a different role.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Personally, I think she's fine. She's not awesomely good, but yeah, the whole Harry Potter franchise is coming to an end, anyway.

    Easy two points just for an opinion :]

  • 1 decade ago

    After growing up in the part, she actually IS Hermione now, but not an awe inspiring actress. But hey, if you have her money, the media coverage, the couture available to her and the pretty but not drop dead gorgeous looks...who the hell cares?? She is riding high on it all, and who could blame her? Take it for all you can get Emma!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    She's not a bad actress.

    And JK Rowling did choose she must think she's good enough to play a character she created.

    Could be worse...Kristen Stewart anyone? lol

  • 1 decade ago


    I think she's a really good actress!

    I'm not a big fan either so there you go

  • 6 years ago

    I agree with you, definitely a terrible actress. Her insufferable eyebrow acting and heavy breathing really annoyed me during the movies. She ruined Hermione for me, she is nothing like her.

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