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As you know france lost to china 1-0 and this was a huge shock to the world?

mexico yesterday outplayed italy and today france lost to a never participant of the world less than a week from the wc?? huh?? and that suppost to be our biggest group enemy?? i dont get it do you?

bq) so this is obviously going to give more confidence to the tri, i think we can beat them what about you?

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    Do Not Underestimate France They Are Still Capable Of Being Dangerous To Our Group Just Cause They Lost Against China Don't Make Them Weak, Italy Lost To Us But They Still Are A Great Team, I Think Mexico Should Go Into This Game With Everything They Should Not Lose Focus And Think They Are Easy They Should Take Every Game In The World Cup Serious No Matter Who It Is

    BQ:And Yes If Mexico Prepares Themselves They Could And Will Beat France

  • I'm betting that France, like Italy, has not played the same since the final in '06. If we are careful, we can beat them. I'm tell you guys, the best game will be between Mexico and South Africa. You should never underestimate the home team.

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    Mexico should not underestimate France.

    They have to play hard just like they did against Italy.


  • Yeah China might of beat France, Italy, or even Spain but we never should underestimate a rival because you dont know it might hit u back but im confident Mexico could beat them

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  • 10 years ago

    This should give mexico confidence, but it can go either way. Also, I get the feeling that since two big teams lost against underdogs, we're gonna have to worry about South Africa pulling off a surprise win.

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    Group 1:

    Mexico 9

    Uruguay 6

    France 3

    South Africa 0

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    10 years ago

    dude france really struggled to beat costa rica 2-1 then they really struggled againt tunisia and now against china to me france is looking overrated. if mexico takes them serious and plays like they did against italy then mexico can beat france for sure

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    As a frenchman, I can say it's not shock. "Les bleus" are always unpredictable: they can lose against bad team but win against brazil for example.

    However, I think the current french team is worse than the previous team (1998, 2006).

    And for the other users, no french bashing please.

  • this wasnt a shock to me ive been seeing france lack in games since a while.... and what about that hand pass by henry?

  • 10 years ago

    Haiti NT> France

    Mexico wins by a good margin...

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