Where is the best place for a MBA student to live in Manchester?

I'll be moving to manchester at the end of July and I would like to know about the neiborhoods around Manchester University. As a mature student I'm looking for a development above average in a secure area and hopefully near shops and cafes so my wife wouldn't get too bored.

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    Depends on how much you are willing to pay and what you want.

    There are a lot of flats in the city centre. For a decent sized flat you are looking at around £800pcm. Expect to pay even more if you have the audacity to own a car and want somewhere to park it (you do as there is no where in the city to park cheaply).

    A lot of flats are quite cramped and small though (esp the cheaper ones). My experience is that living in the city centre also always feels really "busy". Definitely not recommended if you have children. On the plus side, it has lots of shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and excellent transport links if you dont have a car.

    On absolutely no account buy a flat in the city centre, unless that is, you are seeking to lose lots of money. Even before the present downturn started, city-centre property suffered from depreciation in value once it was no longer the latest development. Most people only want to buy in the latest city centre development. This means if you have a property in the last development, you are going to struggle to sell.

    Alternatively try Didsbury. Most of the accommodation around here is houses. There are a lot of cafes, bars and restaurants. Although it is about 4-5 miles from the university and city it does have quite good transport links to them.

    Chorlton-c um-Hardy (dont confuse with Chorlton on Medlock) is probably a little cheaper than Didsbury but lacks the transport links. It is a more bohemian atmosphere to Didsbury.

    Withington is another alternative. Its a bit more mixed. The centre of "Withington Village" is pretty run down in comparison to Didsbury and Chorlton. However, there are some good parts. It is increasingly popular with students. Unfortunately this tends to mean younger students, who sometime can be noisy. Furthermore some of the housing stock has been nothing short of ruined by landlords who have converted normal family houses into huge monstrosities for housing large student groups. Some of these look horrible and there size means they are no good for anything other than groups of ~6 students.

    A wild card might be Hulme (on West side of Princess Rd - East side is not at all nice). When I first travelled through Hulme in 1998, my first impression was it resembled Beruit in the 1980s. Since then it has largely been rebuilt. There is little in the way of cafes, shops, etc. but it is close to the city centre and university. There is some relatively cheap, nice new accommodation. However, stray too far from the nicer areas and it still has an inner-city feel to it. Certainly, your wife might find some parts intimidating at night.

    As you are a mature student I would avoid the "student ghetto" of Fallowfield. It is popular with younger students because it is has become the centre of student life with lots of student bars. Personally, I think it is over-rated as a place to live. The accommodation is way over-priced for what you get. I have always thought a good deal of it would be demolished if it wasn't for the fact that students want to live there.

    Similarly, someone will probably come on and suggest Moss Side. Ignore them. Moss Side and Longsight aren't the nicest places in the world.

  • If you looked 'up and coming' Urmston ( some call it the new Chorlton) you'll discover lovely Victorian houses, not too dear, nice shops and market, as well as excellent local facilities and 10 - minute train journey to Oxford Road, where all the uni campus, libraries, etc are. Sale is also a nice area, on the Metrolink line, so a few minutes from town. Some academics like Altrincham, but it can be expensive.

    A walk on the wilder side, but with a park and architecture to die for, would be Whalley Range

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