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Why is my goldfish missing scales?

I have two fantail goldfish, both maybe ... six or seven months old at the very oldest. Their names are Mac and Tosh .

This is Mac;


And the orange-striped one is Tosh.


I am not sure at all of their genders, though I have been calling Mac a female and Tosh a male.

Last weekend, on Saturday, we moved them to a new tank, a 10 gallon. They have a Marineland power filter, a Penguin 350 for up to a 70 gallon tank. We were finding it impossible to keep their water clean for more than two days. Now, we can already tell that the tank is much cleaner, and everything is looking to be a lot better. We added brand new rocks to the bottom of the tank along with a fake tree branch/plant ornament in one corner. Both of my goldfish have been hiding behind it, over in the far corner of the tank, and I'm not really sure why. My assumption was that maybe they had laid eggs, but I don't see any.

Then, yesterday, I noticed that Tosh had a large section of scales removed from one side, a patch of maybe ten or more scales just gone from his body. A few bits of his lateral line are missing, as that is around where the scales were removed. Tosh has always had a fixed bend in his left lower caudal fin, so he swims with a little extra effort normally, but now I have noticed that it is even harder for him to swim in the direction he wants to go.

So I was wondering, why are his scales removed ? Could Mac have possibly bitten them off him, or could they have fallen off ?

(I would get a photo of his missing scales, but he moves too quickly for me to get an accurate image)

Also, is this something I should be worried about ? Will his scales grow back eventually ? Is this something that needs immediate attention ?

Thankyou for your time and comments, I really appreciate anything you might have to say to help my little fish !

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    I would say with the move to a new tank and adding brand new gravel along with a fake tree branch/plant ornament. Your fish will be a little stressed out with such a big change. (Would be like dropping you off in the centre of Japan, not knowing where you are, were to live, where to go, not knowing who are nice people and who aren't.)

    I guess they would have scratched themselves in some way either when you moved them or more than likely on the new decorations you have added. Yes there scales will grow back. Best thing to do is add something like Melafix or similar type of slime coat repairer to the water, this will help.

    Take a good look at your new decorations to see if they have sharp edges.

    Your fish will get accustomed to there new tank but it will take a few weeks for them to get to know there way around the new decorations.

    Good luck.

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    I have never seen a pleco attack another fish, and I have tons of them ranging from half inch to 8 inch. More than likely they scraped themselves if you have a lot of decor in the tank or overcrowded First, just give the take some stress coat to help out your gold fish and help them heal and If your convinced its the pleco, maybe not clean the tank so often to promote algae growth or buy some Live plants and use a plant bulb. Goldfish are nasty and poo tons so To decrease the time you need to clean it get some sort of bottom feeder like a catfish or an awesome bottom feeder would be the Featherfin Synodontis <(they swim upside down for fun) :)

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    he probably swam into the hard branch or rocks you have in your tank

    Source(s): my fishy experience
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