What rates should I quote to a publisher who wants me to write a book for BBA & MBA for indian university?

I want Per Page Rates & rate for writing the entire books IN INDIAN RUPPES/DOLLARS?

I am writing the book on Marketing Management,..& SIMILAR TOPICS



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    1 decade ago
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    Ask the publisher to offer you a contract and see what they are willing to pay. Normally, publishers will offer a royalty as a percentage of net sales of the book, but this may be a different situation. A good royaly rate is between 15 and 18 percent of net sales, that is, the price the publisher gets from the bookstore. If the book will sell for $100, the bookstore will pay about $80 and 15% would give you a royalty of $12 per copy sold.

    If the publisher wants to pay you a flat rate for writing, regardless of expected sales, I would as for $100,000 and negotiate from there. The publisher would probably balk at that price, but when you consider that you would earn that much from less than 10,000 copies of royalties, it is not too much, in fact, it may be too little.

    I am speculating because I don't know the Indian textbook market. The demand for schooling is high in India, but $100 for a textbook may be much more than Indian students pay. Such a book may sell for up to $150 in the US. It also depends on what competing books exist in the Indian market. If nothing else, I hope I got you thinking in the right direction. Best of luck.

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