Black Americans, how does it feel like living in a country where there is so much racism against you?

I'm black British and I find this section shocking. I couldn't cope living in a country where my race is hated. I give you guys props, I don't know how you deal with it.


@ Aryan. How am I racist?

Update 2:

@ America. I don't judge America by what I see on TV. Mostly by what I read on the internet from your citizens. Television makes it seem like America is the least racist, most accepting, tolerant country in the world. That's what I thought America was like until I started using public forums.

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    It feels the same as if I were living in any country and was being treated unfairly. Though Europe and England has taken great strides, racism is still present there too. I have known a few African chaps from across the pond, who complain about the same injustices that are present in America. Europe has the benefit of having over a thousand years experience as a melting pot, whereas America has only 234 years experience. However, keep in mind that the origin of a lot of today's racism has its foundation in Europe with Social Darwinism, which was exported to America.

    As for how to deal with racism, I believe in walking softly and carrying a big stick; that turn the other cheek hoopla merely gets the other cheek slapped.

    Salaam, shalom, peace

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    Have you ever even been to America? Or do you just judge America by what you see on tv like the other idiots do? Im a white American and 80 percent of my friends are black

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    1 decade ago

    I actually don't face much hate in the real world, Its on the INTERNET where people like to troll because they would never say some things to an actual black person.

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    I live in the United Kingdom and I have never faced any racism in this country before.

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    I try to deal with it in the best way I see fit, which is to do what I know best, defend myself. If you're racist to me, prepare to have me do the same to you. If you can dish it out, be prepared to receive it. I don't let it get to me, I have a tough outer shell, I am a big girl. (:

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    It change now if u see Americans new Blacks kill Hispanics

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    This is great, Trollers have their own Trolls.

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    Yeah, just look at their president for christ's sake! How racist.

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    u are racist... england doesn't belong to blacks.. than also you are staying their happily... then u complain of racism by whites in america... lol ...

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