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I receive an employment offer fromUK Holiday INN Hotel Kensington forum after all deals the?

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Work Permit Department Email: workpermitukembassy@mail2london.com asking 300GBP to issue WPP Certificate which need to submit Visa issuing Office Embassy (UK Home Office) via email: ...show more
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That is a SCAM. DO NOT respond or send any money or passport information. If you have already sent money, file a police report ASAP and inform your bank.

All UK government emails end in .GOV.UK so you know that's not a valid email address regarding your work permit. Second, you don't send money to anyone, especially nobody in India. You have to pay in person when you go to the High Commission or their authorised visa agency with your passport and get fingerprinted. You never pay anyone else or before you appear in person. The fact they are in India and you have their name and account number means you need to contact the Indian police in Mumbai so they can investigate. I would also inform that bank that one of their account holders is scamming people so they can freeze that person's account to prevent others from being scammed.

Here is the British High Commission webpage with contact details http://ukinindia.fco.gov.uk/en/

Alex de Carvalho is the head of a PR agency in Miami, not a hotel manager in London. He probably has no idea his name is being used to scam people http://alexdc.org/about

If you were not flown to the hotel for an actual interview, or did not interview with the Holiday Inn corporate office in your country, then the job does not exist. Hotel workers are not on the skills shortage list so they cannot sponsor your visa, and companies in the UK NEVER offer jobs over the internet.
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  • BRIAN C answered 5 years ago
    When will people learn !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHY would any company offer you a job that you did not apply for - how would they know if you could do the job without seeing you first - if you did not apply for a job and then attend an interview then you have NOT got a job - what you do have is someone trying to get money from you for nothing in return.

    a quick check will show you that they are inviting you to phone a mobile (cell) phone - why would a bona-fide company with offices do that ?? No reputable company uses a yahoo e-mail address, they would have an e-mail associated with their company website.

    Wise up on the internet or you will lose this money as a minimum and maybe your identity and all your money.

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  • W.T. Door answered 5 years ago
    It is about 100% a scam. Note that the e-mail addresses are not company address like john.doe@holidayinn.com - they are freemail address.

    If you want to check you can contact the hotel directly:

    Hotel Front Desk: +44-871-9429100
    Hotel Fax: +44-20-73731448

    Try this e-mail address:



    This is the real recruitment site for Holiday Inn, which belongs to the Intercontinental Hotels Group:

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  • Sasha answered 5 months ago
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  • Mr answered 1 year ago
    I received the same mail. Of course I did NOT send any money.
    The person on Facebook who is accessory with all this is one Ross Walker:
    Anybody knows him?
    The profile is either fake or the guy is utterly stupid doing it in the open.
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  • RR answered 5 years ago
    It's a cruel scam.

    They can't arrange your visas and work permits for you

    Why would you get an employment offer from anybody who has never met you? They want your money and identity.

    Have nothing to do with it.
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  • jean marc l answered 5 years ago
    this is a scam.do not answer.
    very strange that the name of the recruiter is not the same as the one on the bank accountant
    just get in touch with the british high commission
    just thought.why a branch in india????
    leave it


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  • Prince bob answered 1 year ago
    how about the Vancouver hotel in they sent me application form
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  • cymru am byth answered 5 years ago
    it is definitely a scam - maybe this site will help you http://www.immigrationmatters.co.uk/how-...
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  • I receive an employment offer fromUK Holiday INN Hotel Kensington forum after all deals the?
    Work Permit Department Email: workpermitukembassy@mail2london.com asking 300GBP to issue WPP Certificate which need to submit Visa issuing Office Embassy (UK Home Office) via email: (visadpt.britishembassy@consultant.com) I receive 2 mails with different address to sent the money-Accountant Department Head office,Receiver Name - Patrick Ken,Address - 5th Floor,Union House,65-69 Shepherds Bush Green,London, W12 8TX.and BANK NAME: BANK OF BARODA. ACCOUNT NAME: KAMIL SHAIKH KADER.ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0403100006728.PAN NO: CKMPS8526D,BRANCH: MANDVI MUMBAI.The recruiter name Sir,Alex De Carvalho (alexy_f2@yahoo.com),General Manager,Holiday Inn Hotels Resorts,Kensington Forum,London, United Kingdom.can anybody help me to find is it a scams Promise and some one tell me contact email number of British High Commission i need to report to this
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