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is it ok to add bottled water to my fish tank?

they are fresh water fish

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    I would advise not to use it since some bottled water contains chlorine and chloramine as also tap water. You could use it but just make sure to use a dechlorinator to treat the water. I would recommend you to use tap water and treat it with a dechlorinator and this will keep minerals balanced in your tank.

    Source(s): I always treat the tap water with instant dechlor from weco products.
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    ehhhhhhhh... this could be a discussion now! lol.

    tap water is hard, but i think it has more minerals than bottled water. just add some dechlorinator and wait a day or an hour... whatever floats your boat.

    but, some people swear by the bottled water. add dechlorinator and wait however long you want to as above...

    bottled water is just... too filtered for me. bottled water cant even keep BAMBOO alive! i've tried!- so what about the fish? or all the little bacteria and everything that keep your tank balanced?

    i have never tried bottled water for my fish... but as long as you use dechlorinator and you arent using bottled water for the WHOLE tank(just a top-off), I wouldn't worry about harming the little ecosystem you have in the tank.

  • Cholly
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    Bottled water is fine, but still use a dechlorinator as some bottled water just filtered tap water and may contain chlorine or chloramine. Do not use distilled or RO(reverse osmosis) water as they lack trace elements necessary for fish health and can lower your kH too far which can affect pH adversely.

    Distilled or RO water are okay for top offs to replace water that has evaporated, but more than that can cause problems.

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    If the water chemistry is compatible with the fish in the tank it will be fine. I feel it is a bit expensive to do that. I am sure you have your reasons but you did not share them with us.

    Source(s): 60 years in the hobby
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    If you are going to put bottled water in put in spring water. It gives the fish the minerals they need and it won't go foggy like tap water.

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    If you must, it should be distilled water and still mixed 50/50 with de-chlorinated tap water. Never use purified water. That's like taking the oxygen out of the air and making someone breathe it.

    Source(s): Multiple years' experience in fishkeeping.
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    identity pass to a distinctive shop or purchase your own ro unit, i will get 1500 liters for that money, the two you do pointless ranges of maintenance on many tanks, or you have a brilliant form of tanks

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    I don't think so because you have to buy certain water treatment drops from the store and put them in, if you buy the drops, then you can.

    Hope this helps! :)

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