Do the Scottish want to annex Northern England?

When reading about the Scottish Independence movement on the internet I've noticed some Scots suggest that they'd happily admit the Northern English counties as well?

Why is this? Do they feel the culture and values are similar or something, or do they think Northern England should belong to Scotland?


In response to Jock: I'm not personally advocating anything here.

My 2 questions come from the same root - a Southern English person said on a forum that they'd like to see Northern England leave the union with Scotland, and in response to this I saw many Scots actually saying they'd be fine with that.

Just wondered what peoples views were.

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    Sorry to gatecrash this love-in but that is a terrible idea! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of the London-centric Westminster Government, but do you really think that rule from Edinburgh would be any better? It might be different for people in Newcastle, Carlisle etc, but for those of us in Yorkshire Edinburgh is just as distant as London, and most of us would prefer the devil we know than be left to the not-so tender mercies of an independent Scotland.

    Historically Scotland used to claim the far north of England - Northumberland and Cumbria - and marauding Scottish armies butchered their way through Northern England everytime they invaded those places, but the Anglo-Scottish border has been stable since the middle-ages. Yeah, people in Newcastle etc might feel more Scottish than English, and people in Liverpool might identify more with fellow Celts, but, and I have nothing against the Scots as individuals you understand, but personally the Scots can have Yorkshire over my dead body.

    Anyway, I thought that one of the main purposes of Scottish independence was the preservation of the unique Scottish identity etc. What does Northern England have to do with Scotland? Scottish Nationalists are concerned with Scotland - not England!

    @ Dizzybyname - But it's not really about individual locations is it? Annex Northern England? I don't want to see the break up of my country! (and by 'my country' I'm talking about England, and not the UK [obviously...])

    How would you like it if Norway talked about taking Shetland, Orkney, Sutherland etc because they had 'more in common' with them than with the people down in Glasgow/ Edinburgh? How would you feel?

    Carlisle, Newcastle, Bamburgh, Lindisfarne... it is all England, and hopefully will still be England when Scotland gets its long-hoped-for independence.

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    Yes, we have lot more in common with Northern England. We do have similar culture and values, not forgetting the shared mining and shipbuilding interests. I find the Northerners much friendlier as well.

    @ Laura T - Dont be offended, I dont know about the rest of the posters, but I wasnt thinking of Yorkshire when I answered - when someone says 'Northern English Counties' to me I tend to think of our immediate neighbours in the Borders, Carlisle area and the Geordies. Yes, I know Yorkshire is northern, but you're a bit far south, for me at least - nearer the middle than the top if you see what I mean:) so you're quite safe - rest easy!

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    As a Scot I don't think Northern England belongs to us, but I do think that they share similar feelings towards the south and a lot of our slang words and culture are similar. They seemed to be affected by the Tories the same way we were and if Scotland became independent I'd happily welcome them.

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    I thought your other question about the Sputhern English was quite sensible, then I read this one. No mate, we don't want to annexe you in Northern England, so you can rest safe in your bed, there'll be no cross border raids. Like I said in my other answer though if you want to join us in Scotland I would welcome you with open arms. I really like northern english a lot more than londoners.

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    1 decade ago

    I love northerners,personally.

    As to whether not they joined scotland,well,that would be entirely up to them.I'm pretty sure,however,that most of them consider themselves english and rightly so.I think it's ridiculous that SOME southerners want to cut them out but I'm sure this isn't the case with the vast majority.Maybe everyone should just declare independence from london?! Problem solved.

    I'd welcome them though :)

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    It's a cultural thing. Northern England is far closer to Scottish culture than Southern English culture is.

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    I live in Northern England, and if Scotland gained independence I would feel that our aspirations would be more likely to be met by Edinburgh than an increasingly remote and self obsessed London Government which would be permanently Conservative after Scottish independence.

  • guiri
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    If they had a referendum in Berwick upon Tweed, it would probably join Scotland.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'm with cornelli and I live in the same place I think

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nah, they just want to save money on train fares.

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