Tokio Hotel Family: Are your letters ready?

Just reminding you, the final due date to sene me your letters is on May 30th, which is this coming Sunday.

*NO MORE EXTENSIONS...otherwise you'll never finish it. ;-)*

Again, if you don't know what letters i'm talking about, the TH family decided to write letters of encouragment and support to TH. Everyone will send their letter to my email and by either scanning the original letter or typing it up. Then I will put them all in a giant envelope signed "TH FAMILY" with all of ours names on it and i'll send it to TH's fan mail address and pray for a reply! :-)

You can give me a msg on Yahoo mail and i'll provide you with my hotmail address where you can email me your letter.

Thanks. :-)



What are new updates about Tokio Hotel and the TH family?

I've been so out of the loop since i'm busy with school, sports, friends, etc. :-/

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  • 10 years ago
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    Well, I totally forgot about this....

    xD I'll try to send it in before the 30th! :)

    Poll: Comet Awards? That's the last I've heard of them...I've been really busy, studying and things, can't wait 'till summer... : /

  • Gale
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    4 years ago

    Similar to Switchfoot and Jimmy Eat World Anberlin The Fray House of Heroes Copeland Acceptance Dashboard Confessional Yellowcard Similar to Skillet RED Thousand Foot Krutch Demon Hunter Similar to Paramore RED (again) These bands with female leads: Icon for Hire The Letter Back Flyleaf And I'm just going to throw Family Force 5 in because I really like them

  • Almost, I promise you will get my letter before sunday. =)

    Poll: Don't feel bad I've been out of the loop too! I've been so busy with school and work!

    All I know is that they won the Comet award and that Tom confirmed that the rumor wasn't true.

  • 10 years ago

    uhhh... I'll do the whole thing tomorrow. PINKY PROMISEE! and I'll send it to you before the 30th. :)

    Poll: hmmm. nothing that I know of really.

    EDIT: I was just wondering if you received my email I sent a while ago asking for the email to send the letter to because you never replied... but if you didn't get it, can you email me at telling me your hotmail address because I wanna make sure you get my letter :) thank youu.

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  • 10 years ago

    omg! i forgot im so sorry >< i'll finnish mine after college today and email it you! :D

    Poll: i dont know but TH's tour DVD should be out in the summer bout july time i think and there;s a new interview up :)

    thats okies i understand :)

    much love <3

  • 10 years ago

    I kinda forgot too. O.o But I'll do it on Friday..I'm having finals so it's pretty hectic..either way though I'm getting it done NO MATTER WHAT!!. But thanks for the reminder. Ifeel like this has been eating at the back of my head haa.

    Poll: I actually don't know either. Same..esp finals.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    D: OH NO I TOTTALLY FOR GOT! would I be able to email it to you :) like through msn or something because that's the only way I can D: im gonna send you my hotmail right now. OKAY! add me and then i will email it to you

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    I forgotsss..

    Idek if I can write a letter that fast. But I will try!


    I've been out of the loop, too.

    All I know is that they won the COMET for BEST LIVE ACT!! :DDD

  • 10 years ago

    o mein gott..i dont know this ( im sooooo out of loop). i will try to send this to you!

    poll: uh...comet? um...their freakisly cute n funny interview. i watch in tokio hotel america.

  • 10 years ago

    I'm done :)

    I just have to scan it

    Poll: Honestly i don't know. I've been studying for exams so i haven't been on that much.

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