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A brief experiment on the efficacy of religion?

I'm conducting a little competitive experiment.

In the brackets below at the bottom of the question details, I've used a combination of science and technology (via a computer and the Internet) to try to make the word "Science" appear. I've used the power of prayer to get the word "Faith" to appear.

If an enormously complicated array of scientific theories and engineering concepts are theoretically correct and implemented flawlessly, then an incredible chain of electronic, photonic and chemical events will occur to place the word "Science" in the brackets. If God answers a prayer in a way that illustrates his existence and power, "Faith" will appear instead.

Please tell me whether technology or religion succeeded (or both or neither, if that's the case).


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  • Miz T
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    This pseudo experiment has nothing to do with religion. Religion is a set of doctrines and dogma built upon a central belief or set of beliefs.

    What you purported to test was psychokinesis, not religion. The Rhine Institute played around with psychokinesis for a number of years, and while they are no longer affiliated with Duke University, Rhine is still located in Durham, NC. Perhaps if you got in touch with them, you might be able to find out how to increase your psychokinetic abilities--or at least confirm whether you have any or not.

    P.S. It isn't a test of faith, either. "Faith" implies a "sincere belief."

  • 10 years ago

    In the brackets below, I've used my own dexterity and ability to manipulate electronic devices to make the word "idiocy" appear. I've used the power of persuasion to convince my friend Bob to come over and get the word "ridiculous" to appear.

    If I am able to move my hands the way I want to, then a laughably simple chain of events will occur to place the word "idiocy" in the brackets. If Bob responds to my request in a way that illustrates his existence and power, "ridiculous" will appear instead.

    Please tell me whether my actions, or Bob's succeed (or both, or neither, if that's the case).


    Since Bob was not moved by the feigned urgency and sincerity of my presumptuous, belittling, and insultingly trivial, request, I guess he must not exist, right?

  • 4 years ago

    And you expected what to happen??? It might come as a shock to you, but prayer is not a magical wish, nor is God a genie who has to grant whatever you ask. You can pray all day, but when it is for total nonsense, God ignores it. He is a rational being who moves through established physical and spiritual laws. There are occasions when he might decide to supersede those laws with a miracle. To make a dog house when you already have all the material all the labor needed to do it would most likely not be one of those occasions. Also, have you actually tried doing this? No. So any declaration on your part that it would not happen is meaningless. I can set up all kinds of ridiculous situations, declare whatever outcome I want and then try to make that a scientific results. But it is not. Nor is you r ranting anf raving.

  • 10 years ago

    Who are you to test God's existence? I will not judge you the way you have him, but the Lord is the only one who may judge us when we pass. I will not pass up the opportunity to have life after death. Is that your choice? I have a hard time believing you prayed a true prayer to God, that Faith would appear in the brackets. For me, in my life, Religion succeeds. I have prayed, too, to God that Faith would appear. For me I'm am sure it will appear. Now That, is Faith.


    Source(s): There is a difference between you and I. I had Faith, and so it prevailed. I hope it will come to you also.
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  • 10 years ago

    :D okay lets get into the mind of a christian


    Your not a real christian so god won't answer your prayers!


    The bible says in verse X that god hates you if you interpret it like this!


    Ill laugh when you burn in hell, and i'm with god


    This proves nothing, your just a soulless atheist!

    Yea... Seriously though doesn't prove much of course, but still i liked it :D

    Source(s): Just another soulless atheist in search of world peace, harmony and love!
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Technology and Science for the win! Again!

  • 10 years ago

    I'm going to laugh if an admin comes along and changes the word in the brackets.

  • 10 years ago

    Technology's looking good.

  • Graham
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    10 years ago

    I doubt the sincerity of your prayer.

    You seem like a naysayer, so it is no surprise that you failed.

    But keep searching for that proof you so dearly do not want.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Science did, faith didn't.

    But then you already knew that was going to happen, huh? :)


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