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How to get rid of rats without killing them or other animals?

Okay so I have a bird feeder outside for the birds and occasionally our pet squirrel. Just tonight though I noticed a long thick tail sticking out of our fence and I stared for a moment and one by one in a line 5 rats came out of my fence and started eating the bird food on the ground! I've heard mothballs could help keep mice away but I'm afraid it will keep our squirrel from coming back too. I definitely don't want to kill them because its inhumane and it could kill our squirrel and the feral cats outside! Traps are probably out of the question because by the time we get rid of them, more will probably come in and we might accidentally catch our squirrel. I know it doesn't make any sense for us not to like rats when we have a squirrel but since we know for a fact the squirrel doesn't have any diseases (we have him as a pet that lives outside. does that make sense? Like a cat we let live outside but we feed them and have them get checked on by vets.) and we don't know about the rats we don't want them spreading diseases to our inside pets or us when we let him in or let alone him getting a disease in general! We let him inside occasionally with our cats and they are just fine. They have no problem with each other but if he gets a disease he could very well spread it to our pets and to us. Don't get me wrong, rats are very cute and we have no problem in feeding them but wed just rather not have them here. I know its not very specific with rodent things these days but are there any simple remedies that will drive rats away and not squirrels? Please and thank you.


If not, are there any rat remedies in general?

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    On this page there are methods to deter rats, remove rats and a birth control method. I've never tried any of these but I think it's a reliable website that I refer to for other rat-related articles.

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    Rats are responsible for multiple diseases transmissable to humans. They destroy countless quantities of grain and food products every year and like mice, are responsible for chewing wiring that start fires.

    If you have ever had one in an empty barrel jump at your face to attack, you would not think they are cute.

    I would try a small live trap. They are wire boxes with a spring pedal that you bait. If the mother rat goes in, the trap door will close. Do not release her elsewhere. She needs to be destroyed.

    Sorry all of you pet rat lovers. A wild rat is disease ridden and should never be released on someone else. Then go back and catch all of the other ones before your area is overwhelmed with rats. They reproduce extremely fast.

    If by chance you catch your squirrel, you can just open the trap and release it.

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    For the first answerer-

    ...Destroyed? They need to be destroyed? What does that mean, put them in a fire or somthing? If not, you could have worded that way better.

    The best way to rid of rats is to get a Hav-A-Heart trap, one that does not kill, then give them to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Most of these centers have Co2 Chambers, and they'll usually humanely put down the rats for free. Well at least in my area.

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    get a safe trap from a petstore or animal shelter. Bait it with some peanutbutter or something rats would love, it will trap the rats but not kill them, then you can release them away from your house

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