Where is the best place to park if going to wembley stadium?

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I am going to Wembley stadium by car tomorrow and don't know where to park can anyone help?
Update : thanks for the answers so far but I've been told i can't park ...show more
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Birmingham is good then get the train
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  • Not o.O™ answered 4 years ago
    from what I've heard from those who've been, on the actual pitch itself.

    please read this parking information from the stadium's website, there are various places you can park:

    It is recommended that any visitors wishing to drive to the stadium only use the Official Wembley Stadium Car Parks. To reserve your space, please visit www.csparking.com/stadium To avoid disappointment, please pre-book your space early.

    A protective parking scheme operates in the local residential streets on Stadium event days. Only vehicles with the appropriate resident or business event day permits will be allowed to park in the area. The local council has stated that illegally parked vehicles will be issued with large parking fines and towed away. For more information visit Brent Council's Information on Event Day Parking click here

    Note: there are a number of unauthorised car parking operators within the Industrial Estate on the approach to the Wembley complex.


    it seems you are late on getting in on the official parking, I would use google maps or a GPS to look at the stadium's vacinity for additional places to park. even if it might be a bit far from the stadium.
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  • timbert answered 4 years ago
    if you have any sense you wont park anywhere near the stadium as it can take hours to get away from the place ... get a tube to wembley park and its a short walk from there to the ground .. as to where you get the tube from thats down to you depending on where you are coming from.
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  • lilbrettain answered 4 years ago
    some where along the halfway line but remember to reinforce the windows when the ball comes
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  • Prof answered 4 years ago
    City and Suburban Car Parks are one minute away from Bobby Moore statue.Is about £25 plus admin.,though.VERY hard to park otherwise.
    Enjoy...I was there to see Oxford win the Conference Play-Off last Sunday.
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  • Billy answered 4 years ago
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