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Why do our leaders ignore the majority and cater to minority groups?

They ignore the majority on issues regarding immigration and so on...

The majority of U.S citizens does not want amnesty and I have a feeling that Obama will push that down our throats without even caring.

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    The hard working people of the USA are tired of liberals giving away the farm soooo...liberals give even MORE of it away to pander for votes.

    Liberals are treasonous anti-Americans.

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    As a women of a 'minority' group, I didn't at all understand the comparison of black candidates being unpopular with hispanics, is that a fact? I'd think more of us would want to see a black win it because then we'd feel a victory that a 'minority' had won? I don't know of anyone who isn't white who'd rather see someone white win just so a black didn't solely because he's not their own particular race...it may be true, but I'd find it really hard to believe. Anyhow, I feel for visible minorities because there's no hiding it. Day in and day out ever single person you're in physical contact with can see you, if you have an accent every person you have even a phone conversation with knows you're not white, it's still a huge issue even though race issues have come such a long way. As for women, I feel a stronger connection to women's issues because I am a woman, just as I feel a stronger connection to issues of my own race. That doesn't mean I'd rally to have special advantages for "us", it just means all his equal, someone of my own race impacts me slightly more than someone of other races. That said, I care very deeply about all living beings (men, women, animals) and everything touches me deeply, regardless of gender, race or even species. Ever living being has emotions, and I feel a connection to every other living being. Personal experience makes me feel I can relate better to women, or those of my own race, and other visible minorities, because we've lived the same experiences, yanno? Someone not of a visible minority can't understand day to day life being one as I do and all visible minorities do, men can't truly know what it's like to live as a woman, I can't truly know life as a man...yaddayadda. Doesn't mean I value the individuals less, I just relate and can feel a bit more of an impact from those I'm more like than others.

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    At this juncture, a new voting block has been established. Also with a new set of voters, the politicos pander to the new voters to push their agenda. It is the overall plan of the Bilderbergers to reconstruct the US and the world in their fashion. And this current political debacle serves as a diversionary means for the clandestine operation by the Bilderbergers to become a reality. Watch and read alternative newspapers and books. The Bilderbergers ( corporate america) Oprah, Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet,as well as European royalty will dictate how this New World system will operate and we will have become enslaved as "sheeple" Welcome to gulag. Seems like fantasia. pay attention to some of the wealthy players and see what they are proposing and developing, You can get a list of some of the Bilderbergers on line.

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    Obama is trying to garner votes by telling lies to minority voters.

    If the minority voters actually stopped to review what Obama has done to improve their lives, they will quickly see that Obama has done nothing but make promises he never keeps.

    Obama occassionally throws the minorities a bone, but has done nothing big, like help people keep the homes out of foreclosures.

    The Republicans on the other hand have always helped minorities in big ways.

    Lincoln and Martin Luther King were Republicans.

    The Democrats were always the party of Jim Crow, slavery and self-entitlement.

    The Dems have always manipulated and used minority voters for personal gain, while delivering very little in return.

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    Its because the minorities "scream" the loudest and the squeaky wheel is the one that gets fixed. As for "they are the ones that need the help"...what if they help themselves instead of depending on the gov. to take care of them? I am saying this because I have a friend who literally lives off the gov. Neither he nor his wife have jobs and they have 4 kids...When he did have a job he got more back from his tax return than he made in a year at work, so WHY WOULD HE WORK!??? No one would if they could just sit back and get a check every month. Whatever happened to "pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps"?

  • Because of special interest groups. Pelosi, Obama, Reid are in the pockets of special interest groups. You can clearly see by the immigration, cap and trade, healt care etc.

    the constituents they are pleasing are the Legal Lobby. All the above mentioned bills are being forced down our throats with clear opposition. These bills will benefit lawyers more than any other group in the nation.

    This is what happens when you have 3 lawyers running our government. Pelosi, Obama Reid are all corrupt lawyers.

    Source(s): Destructive Politics - the book
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    My answer is going to be extremely politically INcorrect, yet true. Non-Whites, on the whole, hate the White race. They want Whites to be brought down to their level because they think we are smug, or "racist" because White cultures have historically been more advanced than other cultures. Whites in the U.S. as well as in the U.K. have been brainwashed to believe that we are evil and oppress non-Whites. These brainwashed Whites have "white guilt" and tend to side with non-Whites. Now that there are enough non-Whites and brainwashed Whites in positions of power, they are trying to bring down the establishment. The U.S. was founded as a White nation with European style government and society. The non-Whites want us to be Cuba.

    Look back a few decades to Che Guevara. He brutally murdered the "rich white people" in Cuba. Now Cuba is poor, the people live in squalor and will do practically anything to get the hell out of there. But at least the "evil rich white men" are gone, so Che is a "hero". This is what they want. They want the U.S. and all White nations in the world reduced to third world countries, so that we will all truly be "equal".

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    Because the minority groups are united, organized, politically active, give tons of money to the career politicians and vote.

    The majority Americans do not do this.

    Thus the majority suffers for their lack of action.

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    Come November things will change .I have never in 50 years of following politics seen the people so mad.The leaders on both sides have lost touch with the people and most are still clueless as to how mad the average American is.

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    Because they don't care what people think, they do what they want. What they want is to force dependence on the government and create a permanent voting block for themselves. If they are the party that give the handouts, and they can create dependence and handouts to get more votes for themselves, then to hell with what the majority thinks!

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