Buying a house for the first time?


I will be buying a house for the first time. I saved really hard for my deposit. I have no luxury items and dont eat out etc. I work full time plus over time. I used to have a full time job and part time to save for my deposit.

The thing is my girlfriend of 7years would like to live with me. She also wants her name on the house too! Its fine if she pays her share. But she wont even pay half the living costs never mind the mortgage. She stated she never wanted to get married or ever have kids! She also only works part time at 16hours a week!

If i was to put her name on i would be leagally giving her half my life savings i worked so hard for! My parents are not together anymore separated when i was young. my gf said she wont live with me if her name is not on the deed! I need some advice please.


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    1 decade ago
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    No it is NOT fine if she pays her share unless that is what you want to happen. IF her name is not on the mortgage then her name SHALL NOT be on the deed. IF you are foolish enough to commit such and act then if she walks she walks with 1/2 YOUR hard earned house INCLUDING 1/2 of any gains you may make on the house if you sold it etc.

    No way no how. But she can move in the house with you and pay her living expenses. No whining but but but stuff either she can either RENT from you or go pay rents somewhere else.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Personally i would not put her name down on the house unless she is prepared to stump up half the deposit money and everything else you have paid for

    i think deep down you know the answer, and as for moving in well again that is up to you, maybe start off as a couple of times, but before moving in full time she would have to be able to contribute financially towards living costs, at the end of the day if she is only working 16 hours per week why can't she get another part time job?

    marriage and kids well that's something that could change, i don't know how old you both are but i said the same for 13 years and i'm getting married next year

  • Dan B
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    1 decade ago

    She is selfish. She want's a commitment from you, but she won't give you a commitment. She's not your GF. Dump her. Is your GF living with you now? If yes, then what justifies her position that she won't live with you if her name isn't on the deed? She has an ulterior motive to take all you have.

    If you put her name on the house, you've thrown 1/2 of all you've saved into the landfill. Yep, when you put another person's name on the deed, they don't have to contribute one cent to the purchase of the property, but they have 1/2 of the rights to the property. I'll bet that she doesn't want her name on the mortgage documents. Ask her if she's willing to have her name on the mortgage documents.

    Also, depending upon how the deed is written (Tenants in Common), she could sell her half of the house to anyone she wants without your knowledge, without your consent. She could rent out half of the house to whoever she wants without your consent.

  • Mrs.H
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    1 decade ago

    if this isn't a committed relationship that's leading to marriage then don't put her name on your mortgage, if anything happens she can force you to sell the house.

    you've worked hard to get a deposit and i don't think it would be fair on you to let someone else have a possible claim on it.

    you could let her live with you and half the utilities

    it's maybe about time you reassessed your relationship, if after 7years there's no commitment maybe it's time to move on

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  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Dont put her on. Be hard about this......if she wont marry you, why should you make such a huge commitment??? I bet she will still live with you, she is just trying her luck by blackmailing you. You see if she wont live in a nice new house with her boyfriend of 7 years! Course she will. But, she sounds like a bit of a gold digger. tbh. sorry.

  • 1 decade ago

    Financial investments are BIG legal things and VERY COSTLY to handle if you make a mistake. I say NO she doesn't go on anything pertaining to a property you may buy. If she can't handle that, then you found out early and move on from her. Don't let LOVE rule your financial decisions. BIG MISTAKE. When you make a legal commitment (marry) and contribute to the financial's, then you have a say. But don't let her talk you into anything.

  • 1 decade ago

    "my gf said she wont live with me "

    OK then, she made this easy. Do not live with her. It is a terrible idea. She is after money, not a life.

    Move on, get a different gf, some with some decent values and morals.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't do it, she knows what she is doing and that is to claim 1/2 of the house.

    Personally with her attitude like that, I would end it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Please be aware that under common law rules if you have your partner living with you on a long term basis they are entitled to half your share anyway . I think you would be wise to look into this and perhaps get her to sign some sort of agreement .

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