Getting fired because I am not adding my boss on facebook?!?!?! REALLY UPSET. HELP!!?

I am a Journalist and I work for this newspaper. Alongside it, i work for other publications too and my boss wants to 'own me' and 'my name' because I am a talented Journalist and thefore wants to regulate everything I am doing. Is this fair?!?!?! We had a huge argument right now because I refused to add him on facebook and today I also found out that he has been accessing my profile through a colleague. How important is facebook to him anyway?!?! So he said he is gonna fire me if I dont add him on facebook today.

I am so upset. Not sure what to do. Just really hate this situation. I dont want my boss on facebook due to my photos and the way I talk to my other friends. This is too personal for me. im thniking of deleting my colleagues too off facebook. HELP!!

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    It probably would not help to have another facebook since your boss already knows the one you have. You could maybe set it to undiscoverable in searches, but you really shouldn't have to structure your facebook around your boss' problems.

    You probably should really ask yourself if you want to continue working for your boss. It probably is not a good thing to work for someone who is as possessive as you say. If you have no choice because of money or whatever, then I still think you should take a professional stance that Facebook has nothing to do with your job function and there is no reason that you should be required to add your boss. Be courteous but firm.

    If you get fired, you can probably sue for wrongful termination. I would recommend talking to a lawyer (even just a friend who is a lawyer if possible) to get advice TODAY, before this goes any further. They may tell you how to act and how to get evidence that this was why you were fired.

    I wouldn't recommend telling your boss about talking to a lawyer though, you probably don't want to be kept on just because your boss is still looking for a legit reason to fire you. Keep things as professional as possible between you and him. And probably set your coworker to see your limited profile.

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    1. if you do get fired, i wonder if you could take it to an industrial tribunal? i'm no expert, but i don't think employees have any right to your personal information - in this case, your Facebook profile. you should therefore be within your rights to refuse. [edit: clearly I'm not the only one to think this. Try and get your boss to make the demand in writing (eg email) so that you have evidence]

    2. you can add him as a friend on FB, but then go to Account > Privacy Settings > Personal Information and Posts... go through each thing (eg. "Bio and favorite quotations", or (especially) "Posts by me" and "Posts by friends") and select Custom edit from the selection. You can then put your boss into the "Hide this from" list. Once you're finished, Click on "Preview my Profile" from the top right and type in your boss' name. That will show you how much of your profile he can see. The result? You let him on your profile, but are restricting your personal information and wall posts.

    Source(s): I did this with my coworkers.
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    If he fires you and you can PROVE that the reason you have stated is why, you have a good case for a lawyer.

    WHY would you WANT to work for such an idiot in the first place?

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    Just make another facebook. Make it seem like its your only one that you have. Add people that you dont really talk to and then add that nasty pig of your boss. Hope it helps. Good luck.

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    Simple solution would be to create a new account specially for your boss and your co-workers and only keep friends in your present account.

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    hello Walter. Walter Mitty.

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    If he fires you, SUE HIM. Take him to tribunal as this is unfair dismissal and invasion of privacy

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