env touch on t-mobile?

i have a verizon LG env touch. i just recently got a new phone and i want to give my env touch to my friend whose old phone is held together by tape and 3 non functional buttons. but he has t-mobile, which wont accept my phone. is it possible to unlock my phone?

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    No, a phone must use a SIM card to work on T-Mobile and the enV Touch does not have a SIM card slot.

    Source(s): I know a lot about Verizon- hope it helps- msg me w/ questions :)
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  • No, the Envy touch will not unlock to tmobile because it's verizon. And verizon phones do not use sim cards and they aren't gsm. Verizon phones are cdma that means they do not use sim cards.

    Hope i helped!!!

    Source(s): google.com and my knowlodge
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