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Dog Section: FUN question, let's see those "mean" faces?

Have your dogs got "mean" face?

Tess sure does..when she's playing. I find it hilarious.

Does your dog have a "mean" face?

She looks so evil!

Don't worry, she is just playing..honestly aha.

This is FUN question.


LOL Skipper i love that photo!

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    Mine is a bit different. Ava is more into psychological warfare. For her, its all about psyching you out with her... umm... intimidating stare.

    I call it her "crazy eye".

    I have a good one of my old dog, Shy. She liked to roll around with her mouth open & snap at things to show meant business. haha.

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    My avatar is the only photo I've got of a "mean face".

    Funny thing is, he was YAWNING when I snapped the photo. I thought I'd gotten him with his mouth wide open, but when the pics got developed I was suprised at what I saw. He always retracts his lips and wrinkles his nose a little right before he shuts his mouth after a yawn. I'm just amazed that I managed to get a pic of it, entirely by accident. :)

    This dog, and my 50 lb mutt Chloe are the only 2 of mine who do a pretty good "mean face". Chloe is one of the most people-loving dogs I've ever met. But when I roughhouse with her you'd think she was planning to tear me limb from limb. She'll bare all her teeth and growl/vocalize with her mouth open, looking savage as all hell, but she's never so much as laid a tooth on my skin even by accident. And when she barks at an approaching stranger or someone at the door, she's got that bark where she looks right at the person and you can see a healthy white flash of teeth every time she opens her mouth. I like that fact, nice to have an alarm though I don't think I could count on her to do more than wag-and-jump a burglar to death if one actually came in the house.

    One of these days I'll try to get a good shot of Chloe's mean face. Hers is much more nasty looking than the dog in my avatar. Especially now that he's 9 yrs old and he's had his top 2 canines removed (tooth injury) now he looks a little funny if he bares his teeth. Poor guy has always had problems with weak teeth, tends to be hereditary in the breed....if he keeps it up we'll be feeding him mashed bananas with a plastic-coated safety spoon before too long. :)

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  • I don't have any pics of Bandit growling on my computer... Not even yawning! What a bore... I'll see if I get a "mean" face pic someday.

    Anyways, here's my old mutt posing for the pic... He's looking evil-ish, but don't let he fool you. He's a sweetie:

    And that growl is more creepy than scary!! LOL.

    He passed away a few months after the pic was taken, just checked out the date. He was a great doggie.

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  • here's a mean face on Duke when he was at a puppy party when he was 1. He was chasing after the snake.

    I can't find a mean face of Dakota but I do have one where she is growling. Just can't find it. She is mostly a happy dog!

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    LOL @ everyone's pictures. :-)

    I haven't actually seen Indi make a "mean" face before, I've never even seen her snarl or anything! I seriously just looked through all of my photos and couldn't find one.. talk about fail haha.

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  • Josie
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    HahahHAHAHAAA! That photo of Sampson is hilarious! Bless his sqishy little face!! Yeah, my dog has a special 'play-rage' face: I wish i was quick enough to get a photo of it.

    Still laughing over sampson............haha

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    Bare Naked!! Hysterical photos! All posters pix are adorable! I can't send mine, but no, not this pack of Yorkie types......just silly faces! Loved the laughs!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Black dogs are more aggressive and you can count the number of times a dog wags its tail in a minute to find out how many years old it is. Thanks for making Monday more fun!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My Westie doesn't have a mean face, but he does make mean noises when he's playing - he sounds like he'll rip your arm off! Cute pics, everyone!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Quattro's mean face is the face I have in my avatar lol.

    He does it when he's rough housing with another dog - this pic was taken when he was playing with another dog named Hemi (half Rottie half APBT).

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