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Who would win a War between Israel V European Union states?

You think this cant happen such a war?

If for one moment we put aside Israels traditional threats like the Arabs and more recently the Iranians. In reality these Arab and Iranians probably are nothing more then a pathetic childish enemy who have only embarrassed themselves. Each time theirs been a War these Arabs have ended up getting their hides tanned.

But if you go a bit north to them cold northerly snowy lands, where them super HOT pinkish white skinned blonde blue eyed people who follow the cross live you will see what i mean. Im talking about Christian Europe here. If you want to know what Anti-Semetism you should look at Europe for one moment.

It is a fact that Europe has been in the past and still continually is full of anti-semetism to its rotten core. These Europeans still support the Palestinians and always act like they are the victims in all this. This is nothing more then their continuing Anti-Semetism. To refresh some memories:

Russia: 19th century Pogroms against Russian Jewry.

Spain: 1492 all Jews explled from Spain

England and France: They too havent exactly got a rosy history neither when it comes to Anti-semetism.

Germany... Do i even need to mention them? and what they did?

To mention a few more look at the amount of collaboration in occupied Europe

So just imagine if push came to shove and a fully scale war was to take part soley between Israel and all the EU states only, who would win?

Im talking about a completely non-conventional war where Europe has to invade and capture Israel and vice versa Israel has to capture every European capital?

Who would win? I also hear that Israel has something called a "Samson option" in which they promise the end of days meaning that if their country were to go they would take the world with them!

SO would win then? EU states V Israel

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    Israel has 7 million people, the EU, 350 million. Do the math.

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    Well, the situation you describe is completely unrealistic, and more reflects an abstract boardgamers' scenario than a real-world likelihood.

    The only scenario I could foresee where European troops are in the Middle East is as part of some sort of transition whereby the Palestinian/Israeli conflict has reached an agreement, and international peacekeepers are needed to oversee the transition.

    It would depend on any scenario of such a transition; are refugees finally returning to where they came from? Are many Israelis going to have to vacate homes and villages which were once Palestinian and later appropriated by Israel? Is disagreement and civil unrest likely? Are militant groups likely to try to scupper the deal? The detail of the solution will be very relevant.

    Any such peacekeepers will only go to a situation which has a good chance of working, so it will necessarily be militarily capable of dealing with any threats, such as extremists on either side. If the mainstream on either side are opposed to it, such a deployment would be extremely unlikely to happen in the first place.

    If threats are expected, the most likely participants would be UK and France, with others providing specialist and logistic support. If it's likely to be a peaceful deployment, then the smaller countries may provide the mainstream. Even Germany could take the opportunity to have a goodwill mission!

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    If the war went nuclear then everyone would lose, in a traditional war probably the european union because of overwhelming numbers,Israel just doesnt have the numbers, I guess it would matter what the war was about if the EU invaded I think they would win but Israel would give the EU a run for their money, and after the war Israeli's might team up with Palestinians and fight an insurgency war against the EU. @Nostra damus Iranians are not arabs the are persian. Arabs speak arabic Iranians speak Persian. That's like saying Brazilians are hispanic when they dont speak spanish.

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    Israel wouldn't have a chance

    Seriously, the US, France, UK, Russia, and China could all wipe Israel off the map in less than 10 minutes, literally

    Israel has hydrogen bombs to defend themselves against the surrounding hostile muslims, but they really don't have the ability to deliver those weapons to European targets.

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    Well, obviously EU would win, hands down. EU's 3 members are in the top 10 strongest militaries in the world( ) UK, France and Germany. In addition, Turkey, also in the top 10 as 10. strongest, would help EU with 99% certainty. (It's been loyal to EU before many times)

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    Ofcourse EU would win. They have UK troops including SFSG (Special Forces Support Group) not forgetting SAS! Plus Russia have the Spetsnaz which are Russian Special Forces. I wont go into it too much but overall EU would win with the likes of Intelligence Agencies and Counter Intelligence Agencies.

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    I think you're a ******* lunatic

    450 million + people against 7 million people

    the combined military strength of 27 countries against 1 Country.

    You are a moron

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    That would be beautiful, imagine Israel being crushed under the heel of proud unified Europeans peoples. Talk about justice.

    Anyway I find it interesting that you ignore the fact anti-Judaism has been reactionary to Jews themselves. They aren't the helpless victims they make themselves out to be.

    A few examples: The communist revolution is Russia was carried out by Jews, Jews were economically sabotaging NS Germany forcing them into a war, there are a thousand more examples but I'll leave it at that for now.

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    Israel would drag us into it, just like they drag us into all their problems, making us the target of hate in a huge global way.

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    Obviously the EU would win. Except for France, they will have surrendered to Israel on day 1.

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