Nissan Micra 03 plate battery problems?

I have had problems recently with the boot unlocking on my car whilst driving along, often I can hear it trying to constantly unlock which can last for as long as the engine is on.

Now though, I am having an issue where the battery keeps dying on me most mornings (the battery is approx 6 months old), which I can only presume is to do with the boot attempting to unlock constantly.

Anyone have any ideas, I don't really want to take it to a Nissan dealer for fear of huge cost but if that is my only option then I may have to

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  • 10 years ago
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    its not uncommon for new battery to be faulty if you have the receipt go back to were you got it and ask for a replacment and just say its not holding the charge and rule that out as problem i have taken batterys back after 18 months with same problem a auto elecy may be able to look at the boot lock as on the micra's the electrical operated and are a common fault going wrong but i doubt that is killing your battery as it will stop when the engine is off

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  • Vivian
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    4 years ago

    If you DO only drive VERY short distances and infrequently, a car battery can get too low. Your friend could be right, but no, you could charge the battery with a charger, rather than have to waste fuel plus engine life! A battery that is continually in a low state of charge has a far greater chance of failing prematurely. Lead acid batteries are meant to be maintained at full charge. Just because the car started after running it for 1/2 hr., doesn't mean the battery is good. You would have to leave it (say) overnight, then see if it starts next morning without struggling. If it then struggles, the battery is probably finished. Alternatively, an auto electrician can put a load test on the battery, and tell you immediately if it is bad. One caution, the battery must be as fully charged as possible when such a test is put on it. If you are only driving the car infrequently or very short distances, a trickle charger could be put on the battery to maintain full charge and keep the battery healthy. Yes, any car can have a similar battery problem if not used frequently or for long enough distances.

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  • 10 years ago

    you should have the battery and alternator checked to see if there is a charging problem. You can un hook the electrical wire from the boot which should stop it from unlocking by itself. I'm sure you can go to a mechanic other than Nissan dealership to check for problems. Some repair shops will test your battery and alternator for free.

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  • 3 years ago


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