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What is the point in Yahoo Answers! Who agrees that it will NEVER be wikianswers and is just BEGGING IT?

Come on - We all know it.,

Yahoo needs people - it will NEVER be wikipedia, google or even bing.

It's just a loser of a site.


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    I think that Yahoo Answers is a lot better than wikianswers

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    i do no longer think of there are stupid questions yet I do think of there are some at here who do say abusive issues to others and make feedback that are completely out of line. I purely rfile those to yahoo solutions and enable them to handle them,it is how they get a paycheck for doing their activity purely as absolutely everyone attempt to do ours. i'm grateful for yahoo solutions because of the fact I definitely are transforming into a good sort of wonderful,informative techniques from here,and not even had to ask the question.

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    Yes, it is not, never has been, and never could be the sort of reference utility Yahoo claim it is. At the end of the day you are eliciting people's thoughts and opinions, not veritable facts!

    It is fun, but it has evolved into more of a social network-***-game. I personally love it, but if I need to really find anything out, I would use a search engine or even - gasp - a book!

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    Yeah, man. Who cares, man?

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    who the hell is wicca whatsit?

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