do schools accomodate a student's religious beliefs while on foreign trips?

for example, i am a practicing catholic. if a group from my school and i went on a trip to spain for a few weeks, would they provide oppurtunity for me to still attend on sundays? is there legal requirements for schools to accomodate these things?

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    An organised school trip should take attendance at church, mosque, synagogue or whatever as part and parcel of the visit. I'm a teacher and would no sooner expect a young person to abandon something spiritually important to them whilst on any trip (e.g. I made accommodations for Muslim pupils to be able to make their evening prayer whilst on a recent cub camp) and I would be shocked if the school hadn't already taken this into account.

    Although I am a Christian I almost wrote saying that God doesn't keep tally and not attending church is less important than your holding true to your faith - you'll probably recognise that there are a lot of good 'churchgoers' who don't life particularly Christian lives so don't worry about not going for a few weeks, it doesn't make you a bad person. However, I do feel that it would be missing an opportunity if you were not to take part in and share a service with people from another European culture. So I'd say make the effort, any teacher worth their salt will ensure that you have the opportunity - depending on your age this might be that you need accompanying, otherwise they might just agree a course of action/timescale to enable you to attend on your own.

    In reality your needs will be more easily met than most religions, finding a Catholic church in Spain shouldn't be the hardest thing to do, however finding a Catholic church in Spain which has says Mass in English might be harder unless you are heading to a more 'touristy' area.

    The question re: legal requirement is tricky, if they didn't allow you to attend they would actually be denying you the freedom to worship, however, you need to stay reasonable, the school may not have sufficient staff to enable suitable supervision is provided and so what you need to do is discuss the matter with staff and find a reasonable solution.

    Don't worry, you'll be fine - however, I wouldn't recommend taking The God Delusion with you as holiday reading. Not because it's written by a bigoted atheist who can't accept that someone might have faith in God which is not based on science, but because its zealous, almost missionary atheist position - and egoism - becomes dull beyond words very quickly.

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    It is ideal to put the School on notice of your special need and safe to presume that a Group may have activities for the majority. It is important for the Organizers to proactively plan activities which you can join or will not miss much while you attend services of a Catholic Church. Legal requirements? Schools should be able to accommodate a student in more ways than they are legally supposed to.

    Source(s): It is my perspective as an expat who has lived in Europe, India and Middle East.
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    I attended Catholic faculties. I undergo in thoughts while they taught historic previous. You have been left with the impression that the conquests of Charlemagne to unfold Christianity have been incorrect, that the Inquisition replaced into incorrect, that the papal interference in medical wisdom replaced into ignorant and incorrect, that the crusades have been silly and incorrect, that the Protestant Reformation handed off as a results of corruption in Rome, and so on. I attended grammar college interior the 1930's, so that isn't any longer something new. while i replaced into on the Catholic college, I discovered that the contest of Pius IX in his encyclical on the blunders of democratic rule replaced into incorrect, and various different products of 20 20 hindsight. I discovered that between the main suitable issues that ever befell to the Church, replaced into the lack of ability of the Papal States. Popes are no longer continually suitable. Encyclical letters of the pope are no longer dogma. Pius IX were imprisoned for some time with the help of the revolutionaries. This colored his perspectives. there is a lot wisdom to be gained from non-non secular aspects. Democracy got here from pagan Greece. wisdom of technological wisdom in specific circumstances got here from Pythagoras and Archimedes and historical Egypt, yet i does no longer settle for his or her non secular techniques.

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    You are asking if your Catholic beliefs will be accomodated in Spain? You must be American.

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    if there is a legal requirement then it should be thrown out, there is no god. save yourself the bother of finding out and read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins on your travels. read it with an open mind and by the time you get back, you will not consider practising any further.

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