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How do I make my own NHL "History will be made" commercial? **** Easy 10 points?

How do I make my own NHL "History will be made" commercial?

Step by step please?

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    download the vid off youtube transfer it to a song w/ imp3(free app) open imovie or wmm add the song to the clip and then just put whatever video clip you want in.

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    Lil Romeo Commercial

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    one download a clip with the song. turn the clip into a audio file.

    download the clip of the play you want to use. then you have to reverse it. it isn't easy with windows movie maker. there are some youtuybe videos that show you hw to get a video in reverse. with wvm you have to do the photo method, it's long and annoying.

    heres one of mine


    Youtube thumbnail

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    go bye a manual

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