Lady Gaga isn't as original as she thinks she is. Anyone agree?

She thinks she is original. I won't have a go at her for that: No one can totally be original anymore. She is trying her hardest to be different. But, if she is trying so hard to be different: why does her music sound the same as any other dance/club/pop songs you would hear on the radio?

She is always telling everyone to be who they want to be and other cheesy stuff like that, but, infact, a lot of her fans are girls who listen to only mainstream modern music (notice I said "alot" not "all")

She said herself that she wanted to do rock music, but the music industry made her do pop because they would get more money. One thing comes to mind: "isn't her whole image about her standing up for what you believe in and not being a conformist?"

My friend recently went to one of her concerts. At the beginning, she came on stage and said something along the lines of

"tonight, my little monsters, is the night, and this is the place, where all us weirdos and freaks can hang out and be who we want to be without being ridiculed etc etc etc..."

again, what I said earlier, many of her fans are just conformists. eg-the opposites of "freaks" and "weirdos" when in actual fact, at school I am considered the "freak" for not liking her music, and preferring Frank Sinatra and David Bowie ;)

Answer that, please?


oh, and when she sings she sounds like she is holding her nose. jus' sayin'.

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    there is nothing freakish or original about liking bland by-the-numbers pop music....

    she might have stood out in 1950 but not now.

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    Bowie has a much better musical background, and his music can be beyond weird. Look up his song Heart's Filthy Lesson. It's pretty far out there. I personally think that song is: "driving-down-the-road-late-at-night-at-a-really-fast-speed-with-a-cigarette-in-your-hand-music."

    Lady Gaga takes a huge influence between David Bowie, and shock rock/alternative artists.

    So technically no, she's not really all that original. However, that's just her imagery. As for her music, it's pretty much generic pop.

    Not all pop music is bad though, and Bad Romance is a pretty catchy tune. What she basically did is conform to the record label in order to sell records, and when she makes enough money she'll drop labels and switch over to what she actually wants to do, musically. TONS of bands and artists have done this.

    Seether is a big example, as are The White Stripes, and Queens of the Stone Age.

    They just didn't do it directly with pure pop music. What she's doing will actually make her much more money.

    On an interesting musical side-note, many pop artists and hiphop rappers can actually sing, but they usually don't use that skill because it won't usually sell a record. You hear it every now and then in a few songs. In Stone Sour, Corey Taylor of Slipknot shows that he can actually sing pretty well, even though he can't do aggressive metal vocals all that well. DMX did a remix cover of the classic Bill Withers blues song Ain't No Sunshine, and in that he actually sings pretty well in the bass section for when he's singing the part of the song that he covered.

    Beyonce has a very powerful soul/blues voice, similar to that of Aretha Franklin (cliche known as "the big, strong black woman voice"), but she's only ever really displayed it in 2-4 bars of old Destiny's Child songs, and a really, bad made for tv hiphop-esque of the classic opera Carmen.

    My point is, that it's a common occurrence that pop artists are more skilled than what they ever really use in their music that they record.

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    Totally agree, as I mean even all of her 'dressing up' is not her idea, and it's not her who's being that creative but hundreds of stylists. If people think I'm wrong - then look at her like 5 years ago- she looked totally normal with no hints of creativity. And her songs... Come on! You can't be serious, it's like britney spears, or any other American pop singer. It sounds all the same.

    I think she's trying to hard to look like Bowie and behave like Manson, come on girl, do something about yourself

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    I can't agree. I don't know how original she thinks she is. I doubt she's particularly ignorant about music - I expect she knows what's original and what isn't in her music, but I can't read minds. And stage banter means little; performers just say what crowds want to hear, which has been the same for generations.

    It's an old story, the non-conformists all conforming to the same way of being non-conformists. I agree with you about that. But I wouldn't over-generalize; my wife likes Lady Gaga and David Bowie, and a bunch of music you've probably never heard of. I think that because she's an artist herself, she got drawn in by the striking visuals from Lady Gaga. She likes things that are quirky.

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    Yes I do agree with you, she is not as bad as lot of singers today like Kesha though. She isn't original at all and reminds me of Twiggy from Marilyn Manson

    tbh everyone seems to be called freaks and losers for not liking popular, new and overrated bands,. its very sad

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    I agree she isn't one of a kind, if you were around in the 80's you will remember a woman by the name of Dale Bozzio the lead singer for Missing Persons .Lady Gaga to me seems like Dale Bozzio warmed over. Check it out and tell me she didn't rip her image off of this woman...

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    Shes not original at all. Her songs are common and typical. All she does is wear outfits from designers that most people wouldn't wear, except on Halloween or to some kind of fetish/dominatrix party.

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    She's a **** that appears to have a penis.

    I wish she and Justin Bieber would f.u.c.k.k off and actually get a life and stop pretending to be stars. Neither of them can sing.

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    Nobody's original to begin with. As for Lady Gaga, to compensate for the way she styles herself and the attitude she exudes, she tries to connect with everyone through music. She has to go with the mainstream to sell. That's how the industry works. Everyone's different and you can't please everybody. That's her things as an artist. And that's your thing for being you and as a student.

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    Just to say, I like Lady Gaga-- that includes many of her songs, and I especially love her as she seems pretty genuine as a person and I think she has some cool ideas. But, I agree with you on that she's not as original as people think she is. She claims her music is "future-pop". To some people who have very minimal music taste, her music may seem somewhat new/something we haven't heard before, but in reality most of it is your everyday pop music with a sort of electro/trance/techno mix (possibly with a bit of a goth mixed in, as she claims), borrowing from lesser known artists in the genre who actually ARE revolutionizing the sound and claiming it as her own invention. All in all, her music is barely anything new. She herself has called much of it "shallow."

    I also can't take the way she says that she and her fans are "freaks and weirdos" when, like, she's one of the most relevant mainstream pop artists out today. I do give her props for having her own style though, because I do think she is different in many ways and has the potential to perhaps change pop music (somehow..), and she did work hard to be where she is today, but in many aspects she is way overrated.

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