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Is there a way to convert a Verizon LG enV Touch to Tmobile?? Can someone help me?

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    No. For a phone to work on T-Mobile, it needs to have a SIM card, which the enV Touch does not have

    Source(s): I know a lot about Verizon- hope it helps- msg me w/ questions :)
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    in case you actually "discovered" it, like on the line, it truly is probably on Verizon's lost and Stolen list.which potential the phone's inner identity wide style is acceptable to this list, and may want to't be used till the reg. proprietor receives rid of it. in case you try to apply it it is going to direction your call to shopper service and they could have your coaching like your area. So turn in it. in case you discovered it on ebay or someplace else and desire to authentic. purchase one, i'm a Verizon worker and own this telephone. They got here out this 12 months '09 and are between the basically right all round phones. the fee relies upon on if there's a sale, if you're signing a one or 2 12 months settlement, or if you're only promoting it on the line. It is basically no longer nicely worth a lot if its lost of stolen because the hot proprietor is basically no longer waiting to swap on it.

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    10 years ago

    No you are not able to use any Verizon Phone on T-Mobile they each use different technologies...

  • 10 years ago

    not possible.

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