Should descendants of Battle of Britain pilots get an extra £10 on their dole money or a 5% less tax ask?

Update: my Welsh Grandfather (Taid) lost all his fingers on his left had while on the PQ convoys to Russia.
Update 2: yes why Don't we do the Roman thing and Grant citizenship to those who do military service?
Update 3: lol if the government did that, they'd have to pay me to get out of bed in the morning as my family suffered so much during the two world wars.
Update 4: keep clam, can i call you keep clam? that's nice to hear, my taid was a smart *** and ended up a big wheel in a bank, but my Liverpool granddad who was blow up by a Nazi bomb went nuts and ended up in a paint chipped rundown mass forgotten place some where that's no where and died there.

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