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In Monopoly, if you pass go backwards (go back 3 spaces card) do you still collect 200?

This happens if you land on the community chest just in front of GO and draw the community card "pay a fine or take a chance" and then draw the chance card "go back three spaces". Does passing GO backwards award you the 200 bonus?


The "pay a £10 fine or take a chance" card is in the UK standard edition, and does very much exist!

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    No, but I imagine you would on your next turn...

  • Mr Ed
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    Monopoly must have changed their cards. For the first 50+ years, there was no card of any kind that said "pay a fine or take a chance."

    That being said, yes, I think you would collect it. The very MOMENT you passed GO you should collect the money. That's what the rules say... when you pass GO you collect $200.00 It's irrelevant that you went backwards a few seconds later.

  • 6 years ago

    Go Back 3 is a Chance Card, not a Community Chest card. You cannot pass go going backwards from chance.

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    If you look at the GO space, it says, "COLLECT" a specific monetary amount depending on the version "AS YOU PASS." It does not say which direction you have to pass, and as you know, the instructions that come with the game are no help either.

    If you follow the spirit of the rules, you would collect the money only as you pass GO forward. You would collect money on your way to Community Chest and on the next throw of the dice as you pass GO forward a second time, but you wouldn't collect the money as you were being sent backwards.

    If you follow the letter of the rules, you would collect money all three times you pass GO. You would collect the money on your way to Community Chest, again when you get sent backwards over the GO space, and a third time as you move forward over the GO space on the next throw of the dice.

    One confusing example that is spelled out in the rules is the case when a player passes GO, ends his movement on either the Community Chest or Chance space, and draws a card that says "Advance to GO." According to the rules, you would collect money on your way to the card space and again when you follow the directions on the card in this rare case.

    Another confusing (though similar) example is when a card sends you to a specific space. Each of these cards say "Advance to" the space, which means you go forward. If such a card causes you to advance past GO on your way to the target space, you are supposed to collect the money as you pass GO.

    The only restriction on collecting the money that is spelled out in the rules is when a player lands on the GO space by exact count. The player collects the money on the turn in which he lands on GO, but not again when he leaves the space on his next throw of the dice. This is fairly logical, in my opinion, but apparently there was an issue back in the late 1930s when this rule was first written.

    My ruling is that you follow the letter of the rules, by collecting the money each time you pass GO in either direction, unless and until an erratum or a specific example is issued by Hasbro. This is in keeping with the current rules, and in the event of a doubt, the rules should be followed as closely as possible. - LJS

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    No. The "do not pass go" part only applies if Go is between Jail and the community chest space you landed on when you drew the card. If you passed Go before landing on the space, you get to keep the $200.

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    Passing GO backwards will not award you with £200, however you will only be one property behind it so you will definately pick up the £200 for passing GO forwards on your next roll of the die!

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    No you don't collect £200 as you're going backwards. However when you move past it the right way afterwards, only then can you collect the money, I hope you win!

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    No, the red arrow on the gameboard implies that you can only pass "Go" moving clockwise. That is how is done in Monopoly tournaments.

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    you've already passed "GO" so you get it anyway.

    then you can get it again when you go past again...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    nope sure don't

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