Where is this east in this present time from which the three wise men came to visit Jesus.?

According to the bible, the three wise men came from the east to visit Jesus....After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem.

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    Probably Nepal.

    It is a long tradition of sending monks to seek out and retrieve enlightened beings when they reincarnate.

    This would explain a lot about why the actual teachings of Jesus mirrored the teachings of the Buddha so closely until Paul messed with them and added all of the judgmental nonsense

    Love and blessings Don.

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    HT and others are almost entirely correct.

    The word used in the Bible - "magi" - is believed to be of Persian / Zoroastrian origin. At the time of Jesus this would be the powerful enemy of Rome, the Parthian Empire


    which, about the time of Jesus' birth, includes far more than modern-day Iran


    So - that leaves a *very* large area, including numerous modern nations, from any of which the magi may have come. In fact, shortly before Jesus' birth the Parthians conquered (only briefly) Judaea itself - so "East" could be as close as modern-day Jordan or as far as modern-day Pakistan and Tajikistan.

    Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com

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    The scriptures do not elaborate as to how many kings, shepherds, astrologers known as wise men came to observe the Christ child. It only states the that three types of gifts were presented by them. They offered their gifts from their treasures; they offered gold and frankincense and myrrh... myrrh being a very costly and expensive perfume oil. The next misconception is that the wise men or astrologers who sought Jesus being led by a star did not come to Jesus while he was in the manger in the stable but by the time they found Jesus he was almost two years old; the scripture at Matthew 2; 11 states; " and going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother." Note that the scripture did not refer to him as an infant but a "child"; also that they entered into the "house" that Mary and Joseph now had moved into. They were not in the stable where the nearby shepherds of the fields found them on the night of his birth.

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    Magi being a Persian word they would have likely come from modern day Iran.


    By the way, the Bible never says there were three magi, nor does it say they were wise. Given that the nativity story in Matthew is likely entirely fictitious this was a device so that astrological symbolism could be used in the story while Hebrew law forbids astrology.

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    10 years ago

    Actually the Bible doesn't mention that there were "three" wise men (Magi), just that there were three gifts.

    And many scholars believe them to have been Zoroastrian astrologers from Persia (Iran).

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    Babylon later called Persia then Iran and it was way more than three!

    The bible says "Wise Men". It is believed they were from Jewish decent from Babylonian captivity.

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    The wise men are widely believed to have come from Persia, which would be modern-day Iran.

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    Iran, Iraq and possibly India and China.

    Source(s): Inigo Montoya is right, there may have been as many as 22 magi. The Bible scripture is only mentioning three kinds of gifts.
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    Persia. They were Zoroastrians.

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