i have a problem with my computer, need someones help.. (you might need to be quite good with computer's)?

ok i am gonna add as much info as possible

i was look for good screen captures like hyper cam , but i went and downloaded something my computer told me was a virus. but i didn't think it was -.- so i continued to search on google only to find my computer had been cut of the internet while every other in my house was fine.

so i then assumed a virus and done a disk cleaner, disk def rag and cclean. this didn't help so i went through my computers files deleting thing that looked "suspicious" and programs that i didn't think i needed anymore.

after this didn't help i restarted my computer only to see my graphics were all wrong( blurry and wrong screen resolution) this led me to believe that i had deleted my graphic card info.

so i restored the things i deleted and done another reset. this time it went through all the windows xp loading but my desktop didn't show on my screen. i know its there cause i can still turn the computer of.

i tried push F8 as it loaded up and run in safe mode but as it is getting ready to do that it seems to just crash.

could anyone please help me with this problem i.e. this graphics problem.. i can fix the virus and network connection my self


btw my graphics card is a REALTEK idk what kind though

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    It seems the virus has defeated your computer. Try booting in safemode again. If it crashes, then you have to reinstall the operating system. IF it does boot, download and run an anti-virus program. I recommend Avast Anti-Virus. After you run a scan and clean out the virus(es) try booting up normally. If that works, download the driver for your graphics processor. It should be available on manufacturer's website. You can either try your computer manufacturer (Dell, HP, Sony, etc), or try REALTEK's website. You would need to know the model if you try REALTEK. The cleaning process will take several hours. I would personally re-install the operating system.

  • Jon
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    You have a virus, and I had the same one. It disables almost everything including.exe files, and block IE so you cant get online. Heres a website that helped me fix my computer. It will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get it cleaned out and running again. Be patient, it does take a little while to get it back in order, but if you follow the steps on the site, it will clean your virus out, and no files will be lost.

    Look through this page and find which virus alert came up on your computer (most likely one of the malware-spyware ones) and it will give directions for removal:


    Source(s): Been to virus-land a couple of times already.
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    Haha, i'm a extremely experienced guy, yet that sounds extraordinary. as quickly as I also have a good number of problems, as a effect of finding out many utility products, I start up by employing uninstalling all of the courses that arent extremely necessary, then set all concepts of all ultimate courses to defaults (if a probability), then erase all unneeded archives from drives (employing a freely accessible utility) and ultimately verify the registry for errors. that's what I do, different might supply you distinctive solutions, yet supply it a try, besides it might do greater greater effective than worse. TuneUp Utilities is a utility that I pretty advise, because it rather is going to sparkling your force and verify registry errors (between many different issues). try if for loose. If it did help (i think of it rather is going to), you could uninstall it, in case you enjoyed it, purchase it. additionally, supply FireFox a try, it extremely is an exceptionally sturdy browser. as quickly as you get used to it, you won't be able to pass back. try Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and NOD32 Antivirus, if the above did no longer artwork. observe maximum workstation problems are led to by employing registry problems.

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    Try to do a virus scan in Windows Safe Mode.

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    format the hard drive then reinstall the operating system.

    go to your computer manufacturers website and download

    and install all the needed drivers.

    restore your files from your backup's (thats if you bothered to make any)

    reload your software.



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    Maybe its a program binded with virus, they build 2 exe's in one.... try menycam is another camera program

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