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Does Redbull have alcohol in it and is it bad for your health?

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    no it doesnt have alcohol

    But it is bad for your health

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    RedBull itself dont have alcohol but when you are at bar you can order whatever alcohol you want and request for some RedBull in it, YES energy drinks mixing with alcohol is bad for your health, This is what the University of Florida Research shows about this topic!

    Mixing energy drinks with liquor can be a cocktail for disaster, a new University of Florida study shows. There's a $5 billion market for so-called "energy" drinks, and it is fueled largely by college-age consumers - or younger.

    With such names as "Monster," "Full Throttle," "Red Bull" and "Rockstar," the caffeine-laden drinks are marketed to appeal to the young.

    UF researchers found that college students who choose to party like a rock star at a bar or club by mixing energy drinks with alcohol are putting themselves at real risk.

    Mixing alcohol and energy drinks in combinations such as the Jager Bomb (Jagermeister and Red Bull) or Red Bull and vodka isn't just a crime against taste. Doing so can trick the brain into believing you're not as drunk as you are.

    In the UF study, appearing in the April issue of the journal Addictive Behaviors, researchers were posted outside popular Gainesville bars and clubs between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. They asked college-age customers leaving the bars what they had been drinking and did an assessment of their sobriety. The patrons were asked about their drinking history and whether or not they intended to drive that night.

    The study was funded by the UF President's Office.

    When the data from more than 800 randomly selected bar patrons were compiled, researchers said those who'd been drinking energy drinks mixed with alcohol were three times more likely to leave highly intoxicated and four times more likely to intend to drive than bar patrons who'd been drinking only alcohol.


    The problem, according to these State AG’s and many others, is that mixing alcohol with drinks high in caffeine or other stimulants not only keeps you from feeling the sedative effects of alcohol that normally tell you when you’ve had enough, it also masks many of the other effects as well--like impaired judgment, slower reflexes, and lowered inhibitions. You feel “normal” even though you’ve had quite a bit to drink, and that makes you more likely to keep on drinking, to the point that you may become a danger to yourself and others. Studies have shown that students drinking alcohol combined with caffeine were twice as likely to be involved in automobile accidents than those drinking alcohol alone.

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    Its a uncomplicated false impression that because of the fact crimson Bull is a stimulant and alcohol truthfully slows the heart fee that the aggregate of the two isn't advisory. actually the quantity wherein it outcomes the heart fee is minuscule and ingesting it could have not have been given any unfavorable outcomes. of direction you may desire to continually drink moderately.

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    If you order a red bull and vodka it does. lol

    Lots and lots of sugar in it. The over amount of surgar can be bad for your health.

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