Hi, from the 2010 Masterchef series, does anyone know the recipe for Dhruv's fish & chips and mushy peas?

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  • 10 years ago
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    you should be able to find it here..http://www.meemalee.com/2010/04/masterchef-2010-fi...

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  • 10 years ago

    Fish 'n' chips with mushy peas


    800g floury potatoes, cut into fat chips

    3 tbsp olive oil

    600ml vegetable oil, for frying

    100g self-raising flour, plus extra for dusting

    75g cornflour

    200ml cold sparkling water or lager

    1 large free-range egg white, lightly beaten

    4 x 150g sustainable white fish fillets, such as pacific cod or pollock

    For the mushy peas

    538g can marrowfat peas

    1 tsp white wine vinegar

    Knob of butter


    1. Cook the potato chips in a pan of boiling salted water for 6-8 minutes, then drain well, and set aside to cool completely.

    2. Preheat the oven to 220°c/fan200°c/gas 7, and place a roasting tin, with the olive oil, inside to heat up. Place the chips in the tin, turning to coat in the hot oil, and season. Roast for 25 minutes, turning occasionally, until starting to become golden. Remove from the oven. About10-15 minutes before you are ready to serve, place them back in the oven and roast until golden brown and crisp.

    3. Meanwhile, heat the vegetable oil in a deep saucepan or deep fat fryer to 200°c (when a cube of bread turns golden in 20 seconds). Make the mushy peas by heating the peas in a saucepan with the vinegar and butter for 5 minutes, then crush with a fork and season well. Set aside, covered.

    4. Make the batter by mixing the flours in a bowl and gradually adding the sparkling water to form a lump-free mixture. Gently fold in the egg white. Season the fish and dust in flour, then dip 1 or 2 at a time in the batter and fry for 6-8 minutes until golden brown. Remove, drain on kitchen paper and season with salt. Repeat with the rest of the fish and serve with the chips and mushy peas.

    Thats a very good recipe. However Dhruv Baker has a secret ingredient. Since its very unlikely you have tasted it.. how what you know what is missing? Have a guess.. he uses indian spices.. so take the batter and add crushed fennel seeds or chilli

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