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would you pick diamond or white sapphire for your engagement ring?

I have seen a lovely white sapphire ring for my engagement ring, but my partner is saying for the cost of the ring we could afford a decent diamond...and wouldnt i rather a diamond?

any thoughts on this?


just for the record i love this sapphire ring, it is stunning and different! every girl i know has the same old boring solitare diamond ring!!

Update 2:

the sapphire is natural and has paper work clarifying it has been sourced in sri lanka etc

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    I would pick a white sapphire. White sapphire is more unique and you won't have the kind of ring that everyone else has. I think I'm going with a white sapphire. It is half the cost of a diamond and it is a real gemstone. Have you looked at natural sapphire? They have white sapphire rings.

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    I think that is a lovely ring, and I really do enjoy white sapphires (and that setting is gorgeous). They are very white, and in certain lights may have a blue-ish, or almost lavender tint to them. A high quality sapphire will be very clear, although lower grades/cuts can look a little "cloudy" or "milky" at times. They give off plenty of "sparkle", and only a very little bit of "fire". Sapphires are very hard stones (about an 8 on the hardness scale), which makes them quite durable. 10k gold is actually an excellent choice for a ring you will be wearing every day... it has a lower gold content, making it much "harder", and will not scratch/dent/bend nearly so easily as a higher grade gold (like 14k) will. It can be sized just as easily as any other ring, by almost any jeweler. As far as suggesting shopping together for your ring with your future fiancee, you can bring it up in a conversation about marriage if you wish ("I'd love to show you a few rings that I've seen that I like!" or something along those lines). Show him some of the rings that have caught your eye, even if it's just this one. If he sees how much you love this one, he'll probably go ahead with it. You'll still be surprised by the proposal, I'm sure... so it's not like you're ruining the thrill by helping him find the perfect ring. ;)

  • If I loved the white sapphire, I'd pick that.

    Hey, I love my "boring solitaire diamond ring"! :) ....But I also like it when women go other routes. My friend just got engaged and has a beautiful blue sapphire ring. It's set in white gold and has two small diamonds on either side. It's stunning.

    Go with what you like best, and the hell with what's considered the norm. The diamond industry are the ones who started the whole diamond engagement ring tradition, so it's not as if there's any real meaning behind it.

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    First clarify the terms:

    Diamond is the hardest natural material to be found on earth, and the simplest of all gemstones in composition. When you are buying a ring be sure that its a natural diamond.

    Synthetic diamond is one which is made by man, imitating the same conditions that were found in nature millions of years ago. In simple tersm synthetic( lab created) are man made diamonds.. It has far less value than its natural counterpart

    Lab created sapphire are same. its man made sapphire and is almost 1/100 th the cost of natural sapphire. So my advice dont go for a lab created ring if you can afford a natural. Remember the chemical compostion of both the natural and synthetic are same. only difference is the way they are formed and in the price.

    for diamonds :…

    for sapphire………

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    I've never heard of diamond sapphire. Based on that alone I would say diamond. I know that more specialized stones (i.e. black opals, colored diamonds) cost more. However, if diamonds aren't something you want, then tell your boyfriend and let him know what you are looking for.

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    Why won't he get you the one you want? Sapphires are cool because they cost less and are totally conflict free. Mine was picked out for me so its a diamond...and I love it, but I have to admit I do feel a little guilt because of the way people are treated over diamonds.

    If you prefer the look of a sapphire I don't understand why he wants to get you a diamond.

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    He should get you what you want so long as he can afford it. I would say if he was going to surprise you with a ring, then live with whatever he gets you, but being as you are going out with him to buy it, he should get the white sapphire.

    Edit: To the poster who thinks solitaires are boring...I have a synthetic solitaire...why are they considered "boring"? But then I'm a simple person that doesn't need much to be happy, so whatever.

    "I love having strangers grab my hand a gush over it"

    You are very strange. I don't want strangers grabbing MY hand.

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    DIAMOND!!!! They hold their value better and what girl doesnt like diamonds? I have a diamond engagement ring and wedding band!

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    You should surprise her with a sapphire ring! does rings are amazing she will go crazy when she sees it.

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