My Computer keeps randomly shutting down....Please Help?

My computer keeps shutting down randomly, but before it shuts down, an error window pops up and says something like, windows could not do....? Administrative....? Then it counts down a 20 sec clock and shuts down, and I can't stop it. one time I pushed ctrl, alt, del and clicked on the one that said administrative something and tryed to end task but still could not stop it from shutting down. Thanks.

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  • 3ogdy
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    10 years ago
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    I don't think your PC is infected with a virus but I'd rather think you're experiencing hardware problems.

    You either have Processor/Motherboard or Memory problems.

    Try reinstalling Windows but it may not correct the problem so before trying to reinstall it make sure you open your PC case and see how many memory modules it's got and take them out one by one(with the computer turned off) then insert only one memory module in the first memory slot and see if the error still occurs , if it still occurs try another memory module.

  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    Probably heat related. Check the air flow, and check for dust bunnies. If found, get rid of them. They are evil. If you are comfortable, test the output on the power supply with a meter. If your PSU is serving up dirty (or bad) voltage, you will have problems. If you think it's the electrical in the room, try using it somewhere else, even another house for a while, and see if the problem persists. Also check the event viewer for any errors that may help lead to the reason. If it is not heat related and it is a program or service, the event viewer is where you will find it. Get to it by: Right click My computer Manage Event Viewer Focus on the System and Application logs. Look for the Warnings(yellow) and Error(red) logs, note the time to see if it coincides with when the PC shutdown on its own or rebooted on its own. I've fixed many a problems troubleshooting with the event viewer. Good Luck

  • Jay
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    10 years ago

    Do you think that someone is pranking you? If not perhaps there is a shutdown timer set in your task scheduler. Go to task scheduler in administrative tools in the control panel. See if there is a shutdown timer set in task scheduler. If your computer is part of a network, even a home wireless network it is possible for someone to initiate a remote shutdown of your computer. Depending on your account privileges, you may or may not be able to stop this.

  • 10 years ago

    As soon as you turn your computer on,

    1. Press Win+R (opens "Run" program)

    2. Type "shutdown -a" (excluding the quotation marks)

    3. Press Enter.

    The countdown will close and this will buy you time to install an anti-virus software or any other solution.

    OR ELSE, you can run in safe mode (press F8 as you boot-up your computer) and then check your computer for viruses.

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  • 10 years ago

    Try a Registry Cleaner first. I like Wise Registry Cleaner which is free at

    Otherwise my guess is your power supply is going bad, or not powerful enough to handle what you're doing with it. Have you added any components (DVD, video card, etc) from the original configuration? Adding components means more power will be needed.

  • bub101
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    10 years ago

    turn off sleep mode if on also do system restore see if go back to way it was before start help support system restore and system restore take some time but can really do the trick sometimes good luck bub101

  • 10 years ago

    it may be cause of virus download kaspersky antivirus and scan ur computer

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    definetely a virus. check you system with some anti-virus software

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