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where can i get kerrs pinks potatoes from? im liven in loughborough leicestershire being irish i miss them.?

iv been looking for them for almost 4 years but im not given up yet

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Seeing as there are many varieties of potatoes grown in UK I doubt you will ever find Kerr's Pinks but I could be wrong? We are supposed to all be trying to reduce our carbon footprint and all that malarkey so there really is no point Ireland exporting spuds to a country that has spuds in abundance. People in Ireland should buy Irish produce and people in the UK should buy UK produce.

    Best to try and find a similar variety if you can. The supermarkets in the UK stock way more varieties of potato than we have here in Ireland I'm sure you'll find one similar in taste/texture.

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  • Rodge is going over during the summer. He'll bring you a 3 stone bag of pops. You'll have to pay the excess baggage.

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