If I block emails from somebody, what happens to the emails they send?

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Are they returned - does the sender know their emails are being blocked?
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When you block someone's address on Yahoo, the message is deleted upon arrival at your account. They do not get it back, they do not get a message of the block. They just think you are ignoring them

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This a. would be in line with what I think probably happens - they get the message by no replies!!
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  • Phillip B answered 4 years ago
    Probably depends on the ISP. For Yahoo, their Help says:
    "When emails arrive from addresses that you’ve blocked, Yahoo! Mail automatically deletes them. The emails never make it to one of your mail folders, not even your Spam folder, and they aren’t bounced back to the sender." [1]

    On Gmail it's:
    "While you can't currently block messages from specific addresses or domains, you can set up a filter to send those unwanted messages directly to Trash." [2]

    So in neither case does the sender get any idea you've blocked them.


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  • Q answered 4 years ago
    If you have windows live mail you can bounce them back to sender as if you no longer exsisted
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  • Jolie answered 4 years ago
    It depends on what email account server they are using. Most of the time the email is just not sent at all. Their email tells them that it was sent but you will never receive it. Most likely the email is stored on a server somewhere but usually its gone forever!
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  • djaca70 answered 4 years ago
    it gets answered "undeliverable."
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  • M R answered 4 years ago
    They are returned. They will not know they are blocked but could guess as much.
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  • LSD answered 4 years ago
    For every email that doesn't get received, the sender's computer gets one virus. If they start to send you a lot of emails, they will get their computer screwed over.
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