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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 1 decade ago

What is it about vaccines that still has everyone so paranoid?

I've gotten into heated arguments with several parents of autistic kids on Facebook. As a person with Asperger's, I understand their frustration. Indeed it is a struggle, and I didn't win the lottery because I'm higher functioning. It doesn't seem to register when I explain unlicensed doctor, Andrew Wakefield, was the one who spread this propaganda. It was unveiled last fall on NBC Nightline that he was paid by the insurance companies to spew this rhetoric off. The guy is a huckster who worked for a law firm. It all makes sense, too, because if these children would have to undergo treatment if they were affected by something deleterious like chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, and whatnot. Nevertheless, that would require insurance. You do the math here, folks. The reason more cases are being diagnosed is because professionals during the 90's started gaining the resources necessary to know the right criteria. They didn't just start popping up sporadically because some Playboy bunny got on her soapbox. Jenny McCarthy jumped all over it like a ***** in heat as she wanted to be remembered as the first mother that "cured" her child who doesn't even have autism. It was later ascertained he actually has Landau-Kleffner Syndrome after she finished her book. That alone leaves too much room for interpretation thus making all the data that much more obscured. The Supreme Court just ruled all the evidence suggesting vaccines cause autism inconclusive because they had nothing tangible to work with? Perhaps some kids may have adverse reactions, but more than 90-percent of the entire population would be on the spectrum if they were the sole causation. Do you really think some bubble-headed bleach blond is a qualified for some grandiose idea, or are you more inclined to listen to the licensed doctors?


Pardon me! Nightline is on ABC. It was Dateline NBC where Matt Lauer launched the story when Brian Deer did the investigative reporting and shed the light on Andrew Wakefield. Fear mongering is a very lucrative business.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    About 30 yrs ago no one really knew what Aspergers nor Autism was. Some may have heard of it but it wasn't wide spread as it is now.

    Most people have a hard time with all the "Awareness" campaigns going on because much of the population can't comprehend the amount of population we have.

    Also, the media, in most cases, is the worst when it comes to these kinds of things. They will blow info out of proportion and every channel or news show will follow the bandwagon to get more of the audience.

    Then amount of media we have now verses the amount we had 30 yrs ago is so global. 30 yrs ago you would hear about a plane hijacking two days after the beginning of the event. Now you have people all over the globe just waiting for something to happen and via satellite, "Zoom" to your home at the time it happened or within minutes of the event.

    The biggest industry, right now, is news, news shows, and medical news.

    The best way to get people to see a doctor, get tests, and spend money on medical is by fear and the news. The same with Aspergers, Autism, and any other misunderstood fear induced illness. Look at the flu epidemic. The actual vaccine is nothing more than the flue itself with a big boost of antibiotics combined. You can eat the mold off of mozzarella cheese and get the same effect. You would have to eat a half cup though. LOL

    We have gotten to the point that we think that doctors know everything and what the media says it true. That is why they call a doctor's business a practice, if it was an exact science they would be called gods. The media now, such as MSNBC, Fox, and CNBC, is nothing more than news sensationalized to get you to watch and blowing things way out of proportion to keep you interested.

    Nothing more than gossip channels with a little real info thrown in.

    I am definitely with you on this one.

    Mercury, in high forms, is dangerous, but so is silver, iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, zinc, iodine, choline, DHEA, Co Q10, and numerous other minerals and herbs.

    We people have been eating mercury layden fish for 50 + yrs or more but in the last 10 yrs they have just noticed that the amounts we have been eating and are still living on over that time period is dangerous? For over 200+ yrs we had painted our homes with lead based paints, given our children toys that were painted with lead paint, and even many of the filter systems for central air conditioning and heating systems were lead/iron coated to collect particles and were washable not disposible, but now ALL these things are "dangerous"?

    It is all about fear mongering rather than awareness and knowledg and the power it holds over our spending.

    It all boils down to money, period.

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  • 4 years ago

    Sorry to tell you but you are not aware you are ignorant. I have to admit the speed at which this vaccine was put together was rather fast but at the end of the day are we so surprised when we take stock of how technically advanced we as a race have come? So we should in fact not be alarmingly surprised but proud of what was accomplished. You seem to be unaware (thus ignorant, I am not calling you stupid), that vaccinations are public good - just like clean air or water. And you not getting the vaccination could cost those at the highest risk (the young and elderly the most). Which explains why parents and people with grandparents would not appreciate your comments (so I do mean everyone). This vaccination could stop this flu virus in it's tracks and prevent any potential mutations from occurring (which is what people, physicians and researchers, are scared of, not this current strain). Please do not get me wrong, I have known a handful of people who have had this strain and it was miserable for them, truly their worst experience and people have died from it and many more will as well. So don't be ignorant, and you said you have read the list of 'ingredients' (so I am surprised that you didn't look at the 'list' of symptoms and risks as well) but I assure you that a week long diet of McDonald's would do you more harm. PS - What you are doing by belitting the importance of it makes you sound mighty parnoid and you can't will yourself to not get the virus and that makes you sound downright stupid.

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  • Bonnie
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I suppose that there is reason to be concerned about the many vaccines we give our children every year, but I believe that there is more risk in not receiving them. People are always looking to blame someone when they have a child with a disability, but the same doctors they may blame are the same doctors that can save their child from childhood illnesses. Fear cannot run our lives. We must trust others at some time in our lives and I think that my trust in my pediatrician has resulted in my healthy children. Bad things do happen, but are parents willing to put their child at risk just because a few publicity seeking celebrities had decided that vaccines are at fault ? There is a higher power making those decisions and I, for one, would still welcome an imperfect child into my life.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Great question! I have never believed they cause Autism. I am perfectly happy w/ the idea its genetic. As far as "curing autism" goes there is no "cure" instead we try to teach our children the skills they need to try to cope w/ a world that does not understand them. I dislike Jenny McCarthy she is dangerous! Vaccines to work Polio for example.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There have always been groups of people opposed to any and all vaccination for various reasons. They latched on to autism as their current bogey man and began exploiting parents of autistic children.

    They have a well oiled propaganda machine. Recently it's been failing apart. Hopefully this trend will continue.


    Evidence that vaccines work

    How anyone can make that claim when smallpox is eradicated and polio nearly so boggles the mind.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The irresistible power of pseudoscience. It is very hard to kill off such beliefs. As you can certainly see, concerns can cash in on them.

    If arguments are scientific correct or not, is for many TV channels secondary. And so its very hard for interested, even intelligent, but uneductaed people to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The reason so many people are paranoid about vaccines is because they are largely mysterious to most people, and even those who work in the industry don't fully understand why some work, and others don't.

    Then of course there are chemicals that they put in many vaccines like thiomersal which contains mercury. In high concentrations thiomersal is quite toxic, but it appears to be safe in the doses used in vaccines.

    Many people are looking for a cause for their particular illness and are looking for anything to blame. Vaccines are convenient to blame because to a large extent even though they certainly save many lives, there is enough mystery surrounding them to make them an easy scapegoat.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Probably the fact that they are being made with mercury in them is reason enough. For how many years have we've been told that mercury is bad for you but yet they are putting it in vaccines,and not just the standard children's vaccines either. The H1N1 vaccine also contained mercury in it. If you wanted the one without mercury you had to request it. Sounds fishy to me.As for my daughter's instance it was a medication I was on for seizures(depakote) that the doctors feel is the root cause of her problems even though I immediately went off it as soon as I found out I was pregnant. We put so much crap in our bodies that we didn't 100 years ago it's no wonder our kids have health issues. For that matter my great grandmother swore up and down you never heard of people having cancer as much until chemical man made preservatives were put in food and you could buy aspirin over the counter.I think Granny might have been on to something.I'm seriously beginning to think that if My Granny didn't put something in her food when she cooked neither should I. I think we should maybe apply the same towards our medicine. Too many chemicals.As for the medical profession I trust my current doctor to make the calls for me and my family. He himself refused to give out the H1N1 vaccine to his patients or his kids because he did not feel it was safe yet for them. That was good enough for me.You are right we do need vaccines we just need safer ones regardless if they are the cause of autism or not.

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  • Pindar
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Actually if you had an open mind you'd also realise that there is no real evidence that vaccines even work at all. A recent study has found (much to scientists disbelief, but not ours) that people who receive yearly flu shots are 270% more likely to contract the flu.

    In any case why should it bother you if we chose not to allow these things into our or our children's bodies, or are you some kind of nazi who believes in forced drugging and forced invasive medical procedures by the state.

    One thing we know for sure is that the owners and ceo's of the vaccine companies are all members of groups that are documented as supporting population reduction and eugenics,they are not nice people who do this for the good of humanity. If you want to trust them with your health then good luck. Drug companies make money from sickness, do you really trust them to make something that would keep you healthy and reduce their long term revenue?

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