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How to merge layers in Sony Vegas?

hey guys I have Sony Vegas Pro 9, and I am a somewhat beginner, and I want to find out how to merge 2 tracks together, like merging layers in paint.net or photoshop...

so i have 3 text tracks and a picture in the background, and i want to merge them into 1 track so i can do a zoom/twist effect... help!

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    You can't merge tracks in Sony Vegas. This is simply not required. What you can do is use a mode called "compositing" to alter the opacity and 'blending' of the tracks. Take a look at the following link for a deeper explanation of what I mean; http://www.custcenter.com/cgi-bin/sonypictures.cfg... . Since you can't merge the tracks, you can make things easier by duplicating the effect only. You can do this by right-clicking on the clip (in an area) containing the effect, and selecting "copy". Now you can right-click on the track you want to copy the effect to and select "paste attributes". You should check to see that the effect has been applied successfully, but it should work first time - if not, you can simply undo the changes and try again.

    I hope this helps and that I have understood your question correctly. If you have any more information then please add some additional details to your question.

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