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Needle stick injury today at work :( Should I be worried?

So was at clinic, and they took an aspiration from a neck and it was all pus filled and blood stained. Was distracted and accidently stabbed my finger. I drew blood. I didnt squeeze it to encourge the bleed like I should have done but it did bleed.

I just want to know are needle stick injuries quite common and should I be worried?

I have been told I can only have a HIV HepB and C test after 3 months when I have made antibodies for it if the virus was present. But surely there is something to check for these viral antibodies in blood?



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    You need to keep an eye on the infection which could have got into your finger.

    Haven't you already had immunisation against Hep B, if not then you should once the results from this incident are in. Most of the antibodies seem to take a while to develop but I thought they had some slightly quicker tests now. When you get your response to HepB immunisation checked they have to wait for a while for the response to develop, this is another reason why immunisation doesn't work immediately.

    I would say you should be concerned but not worried, most people do not have any of the conditions you mention. If however your patient came from one of the high risk groups then I would be more concerned and enquiring about prophylactic HIV drug treatment for example.

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    The chances of infection are *very* low and you shouldn't worry that much. You can't test for something that isn't there so the three months advice is correct. You should get tested around the three months mark to assure yourself that there's no problem. There will be a knock-on effect when you apply for insurance (particularly travel insurance) next but that comes with the territory.

    Needle stick injuries are not that common and most health professionals know the procedures to avoid them and those to adopt should it happen.

    Of course, you didn't say what kind of clinic it was. If it was a drugs clinic, sexual health clinic, or exotic diseases clinic then get help and advice from your own occ. health provider.

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    Standard procedure is usually to have the person you drew from (the patient) tested since it could take several months for the infection to present itself in your body. (I practice acupuncture and this is a very real concern for employers) You should explain this to your employer. Also you should file a workers compensation report to cover your bases incase it does lead to infection. Any medical care should be covered by worker's comp including your testing.

    Additionally, the risk of exposure is often minor. And the risk of developing an infection is even more minuscule. Don't let apathy keep you from taking the proper precautionary steps; but don't let your mind get overworked either and get yourself stressed out when it is most likely a no worry matter.

    Dr. Shane Conrad DC, CCSP, CSCS

    Doctor of Chiropractic

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    There should be a needle stick injury pack available which should contain a box of antiretroviral tablets for cases such as these. I would ask a Manager about this and certainly report it. It absolutely needs to go into the accident book and be recorded.

    I wouldn't be worried, however you should be asking for this pack and reporting it.

    Source(s): Pharmacy Technician
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