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can a doctor tell i smoke?

im a few years under 18 i smoke sometimes.when i go to the doctors my parents always go in with me.can a doctor tell i smoke with a stetescope or any other way just in the office please i need help i have an appointament tomorrow


yea also my parents smoke aswell can i blame it on them say something like i would be around them when they smoke or something

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    He probably can.

    The nicotine stains on your fingers and the smell of smoke on your clothes and in your hair will give you away. I am sure your parents have already noticed this too, unless they smoke as well ?

    The smell of stale smoke on your breath will be hard to miss if the doctor gets close to you. You will know if the doctor has spotted this as they will look as if they are going to be sick from the smell, a bit like the look on the face of anyone you kiss. Other than that , they may not notice ?

  • Nancy
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    Of course the doctor will be able to tell, you breath will smell of smoke, your clothes and hair will smell of smoke. Stop smoking for good now. Listen to me as I smoked for 30 years and am no paying the price. I can't walk more than a few blocks without sitting down to rest. My heart and lungs are shot and my skin looks like shoe leather. Stop now and you will heal.

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    Yes the doctor will know, sorry. its very possable the doctor will ask you if you do because your breathing and stuff would be un-usual, and if you say no he might think you have a dieffernt problem than you actually have and put you on anti-bioticks, and takeing unnessary anti-biotics isnt something i would want to do. So, either way your stuck, sorry. Dont tell the doctor you dont, if your pairents are not in the room tell him, but ask him nicely not to tell your pairents, because he cant because of doctor- paitent confedentiality. If i where you i would stop smoking, so you wont get in huge trouble and lose your pairents trust.

    Good Luck, hope you dont get caught!! =]

  • momof3
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    In one word NO UNLESS you have a chest infection or you smell of smoke that is a dead give away if someone does not smoke they can smell it on a person who does a mile off if they have been smoking that is.

    So if you want to hide this have a bath wash your hair put fresh clean clothes on and do not smoke.

    In saying all this if you do smoke and you are having health issues with your chest then you MUST tell the doctor that you occasional smoke as this will help with any diagnosis and treatment.

    Source(s): nurse
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    LOL ... news flash, your clothes absorb tar and smell a lot, so does the skin therefore your parents already have an idea. In fact the smell doesn't go completely even after washing clothes. As for the doctor he can't tell unless your teeth, lips or fingers have marks; given you're wearing smoke free clothing.

    Source(s): Medical school plus I'm a smoker ;)
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    Yes, a doctor can easily tell you smoke by looking in your nose. When you smoke it dyes the cartilage inside your nose from white to brown. If you only smoke sometimes, maybe it hasn't dyed the inside of your nose yet.

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    If you are 18 you have the right to see your doctor without your parents, It is better if your doctor knows the full picture including your smoking.

    Explain to your parents that you are grown up now & want to see the doctor alone.

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    He can with a stethoscope. It all depends on your breathing habits. I would suggest three things: Chew a lot of gum before you go. If he asks if you smoke say No but lots of your friends do and you cant get away from the smoke they out-hale. If number 3 doesn't work say that you have tried smoking and disliked it highly. Also how many have you had? 1-5 wouldn't make a difference.

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    Well he might smell tobacco on you or in your hair possibly , If he does a breath test which shows co2 levels in your breath that would tell him for certain . he might suspect it if chest sounds wheezy with the stethoscope . Depends a bit what you are going to doctors for ,

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    Probably yes. But Drs aren't there to judge and everything is confidential. My old GP was a chain smoker himself anyway!

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