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Can you help please with us99 taylor swift code & radio trivia for all radio stations?

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    WGAR 99.5 TRIVIA MON. APR. 12 2010

    BONUS POINTS - (win) - Win Prizes

    5 O'CLOCK TRIVIA - (tri) - trisha Yearwood

    4 O'CLOCK FLASHBACK - (i) - I​ Just​ Wanna​ Be​ Mad​ - Terri Clark -

    WGAR Artist of the Day - (kei) - Keith Urban

    WGAR City of the Day - (she) - Sheffield

    Mantel's Video - (gre) - Green

    SLEUTH - "WATER" - (wat)

    Kurtz​ Brothers,​ INC​ -​ (bro) -Red,​ Black,​ and​ Brown​

    Dice - (nin) - Nin​ja​ Job​ titles​ on​ resume​ fails​

    Howstuffworks.com #1 - (det) - Detroit

    Howstuffworks.com #2 - () -

    Yahoo Hot Jobs - () -

    Consumer's Guide - () -

    AOL Travel - (e) - Search Breezes.com

    Reputation Defender - () -

    SanDiego.com - (chi) - Children's​ Pool​

    Are​ you​ more​ intelligent​ than​ a​ Middle​ Schooler?​ - (b) - The​ Cherokees​ were​ moved​ to​ western​ lands​ by​ U.S.​ troops

    Champions - (a) - Roger​ Clemens​

    Country Music Trivia - (a) - Danny​ Gokey​

    Country Music Video - Business​ Suits​ - Pick and Click

    Games 'n eCards - (w) - W

    Pop Goes Trivia - (c) - Dick​ Tracy​

    This Day in History - (b) - Harry​ S.​ Truman​

    C&P - WiNinGreWATriKeiSheBroChiDet

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    AOL: Malaga Intelligent: B Increased the price of foreign manufactured goods Champions: A UCLA Dice: Everyone wants good tips about networking Game: 3 Hot JObs Yes I'm following childhood dreams HSW: Music: A Lady Gaga Pop: A New World Order U.S. History: A Rex Harrison Mariah Carey Lyric Trivia: But you in LA, I'm out at Jermaines Sleuth dance River MCT leni from golds CCT In the Great Wide Open 940 dead lift steve 1110 yes Mystery picture

  • JC
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    LONE STAR 92.5 - Ft. Worth/Dallas, Texas

    Trivia for 04/12/2010

    SanDiego.com => Children’s Pool

    AOL Travel Trivia => Search Beeze.com

    Are You More Intelligent than a Middle-S... => b) The Cherokees were moved to western lands by U.S. troops

    Champions => a) Roger Clemens

    Classic Rock Challenge => a) The Who

    Classic Video On Demand => Bon Jvi

    Dice.com Trivia => Ninja Job Titles on Resumes Fail

    Games 'n eCards Trivia => W

    HowStuffWorks.com Trivia => Detroit

    Pop Goes Trivia => c) Dick Tracy

    Sleuth Trivia => WATER (Tiffany Mini double heart pendant pg3)

    This Day in History => b) Harry S. Truman

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    Good Morning Everyone! Have a great day!

    For WBEE 92.5 Rochester, NY

    SanDiego - Children’s Pool

    Total Tan - 4433 Dewey @ Latta Road

    Aol - Search Beeze.com

    Are You More Intelligent – B

    Champions – A

    Country Music – A

    Dice - Ninja Job Titles on Resumes Fail

    Games N Cards -

    How Stuff Works – Detroit

    Pop Goes – C

    This Day In History – B

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  • Chris
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    For The River 105.9 Hartford, CT

    This Day In History - a) - In The Line of Duty: The FBI Murders

    Pop Goes Trivia - a) - "Sugar and Spice, and all that's nice."

    San Diego - Ticketmaster

    Games N Cards - Black

    Hot Jobs -

    How Stuff Works -

    AOL Travel - Fly August 19 through November 17

    Champions - c) - Rollie Fingers

    Classic Rock Challenge - a) TRUE

    Are You More Intelligent - b) - Era of Good Feelings

    Classic Video -

    Sleuth -

    For Country 92.5 in Hartford:

    Country Music Video -

    Country Music - b) - 2005

  • 10 years ago

    Sacramento, CA radio clubs

    KSEG (Eagle), KUIC, ESPN 1320, The Buzz 106.5

    Eagle 96.9 Listen & Win

    Kat: balance

    Blue Plate Special: rock

    Word Du Jour: overdue

    Harley (8AM): eagle

    Harley (noon): wild

    Harley (bonus): eagle

    Alice 97.3 San Francisco

    word of the day: justice

    KUIC Cyber Search: local traffic

    *American Financial Resources: 10

    *Attorney Debt Reset: 877-273-7383

    *Cache Creek Casino Resort: May 8

    *Fountains Dental Excellence: non-surgical

    *Jackson Rancheria: jazz

    *Park Mechanical Heating & Air: 135

    *SanDiego.com: children's pool

    AOL Travel: search

    Arthritis Connect: are you interested

    Dice.com: ninja

    Future Ford of Concord: committed

    Games 'n eCards: w

    HowStuffWorks.com: Detroit

    RE/Max Gold: specialty

    Sleuth: water

    Springtime Healthy Samples: tips for a successful doctor's visit

    Multiple choice: ABC

    Have a great day!

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    Howstuffworks.com – Detroit(det)

    Dice Employment Trivia - Ninja Job Titles on Resumes Fail(nin)

    AOL Travel Trivia - e

    San Diego.com - Childrens Pool(chi)

  • 10 years ago

    AOL: Search Breezes.com

    Dice: Ninja Job titles on resume fails

    Games: W

    HSW: Detroit

    San Diego: Children's pool

    Hot Jobs: Black

    ABC For multiple choice trivia

    Sleuth: Water


    MCT: Jawbreaker

    CCT: Fallen Angel

    9:40: Bounce

    11:10: Sunshine

    Mystery: Let your love shinedown

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    WBEE 92.5

    Country: A

    Pop: C

    Intell: B

    Champ: A

    History: B

    Rock: A

    Artist: Zac

    Song: High

    Games: W

    Dice: Ninja

    Works: Detroit

    AOL: Searchbreezes.com

    San Diego: Children's Place

    Total Tan: Dewey

    Arthritis: Interested

    Springtime: Tip

  • 10 years ago

    Monday 4/12/10

    98.7 KUPL

    AOL Travel--Search Breezes.com

    Dice.com--Ninja Job Titles on Resume Fail

    How Stuff Works--Detroit

    *SanDiego.com--Children's Pool

    Champions--a--Roger Clemens

    Country Music--a--Danny Gokey

    History--b--Harry S. Truman

    Intelligent?--b--The Cherokees were moved to western lands by U.S. Troops.

    Pop Goes--c--Dick Tracy



    Source(s): kupl.com--FRIENDS!!!
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