Why do people always blame Yoko Ono for The Beatles breakup...?

Honestly, I think it took much more than Ono to break up the best band in the world. I read on multiple sites that The Beatles were having musical differences and personal differences. Are there Beatles experts out there? I would really like to become a Beatles expert one day and I would like to hear what you think broke up The Beatles? Have a nice day :)


THANKS :) You really helped me understand their breakup more.

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    You're absolutely right that a lot of things contributed to their breakup. (You're also absolutely right that they're the best band in the world :) By the late 60s, they were definitely moving in different directions musically and personally.

    - For the first part of their career, Brian Epstein (their manager) really held things together, and all of them more or less deferred to his decisions. Basically, they wrote the music and Brian took care of a lot of the logistics. When he died in 1967, to quote John "We've f***ing had it." Really, all 4 of the Beatles are/were great musicians, but they really didn't have any business sense. Without Brian holding them in check, there really wasn't any central leadership, and they all went off in their own directions.

    - They did have a lot of personal and musical differences. As one of them (John?) explained it, they formed The Beatles when they were basically kids (just out of school), so they more or less grew up together and formed their musical ideas together. By the late 60s, they were all growing into separate individuals, and a lot of their group identity was gone.

    - Yoko definitely didn't help. She was (is?) very controlling, and she tried to exert a little too much influence over the Beatles and their music. But honestly, John LET her do that- he supported her. Bottom line on Yoko, she definitely contributed to their breakup, but if it hadn't been her, it would have been someone or something else.

    So yeah, there are definitely other, more complicated issues that went int their breakup. I can't tell you exactly why everyone blames Yoko, but if I had to guess, it would be either that 1) They don't really understand what all went on, and Yoko is a convenient and simple answer, or 2) It's a lot easier to just blame Yoko and not admit that the Beatles themselves caused a lot of their own problems. Either way, I'd say that Yoko Ono was just one of many factors in their breakup.

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    I don't blame Yoko for The Beatles break up, The Beatles were having problems way before Yoko came into the picture.

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    the truth is that the beatles were well on their way to breaking up before yoko ono entered the picture.

    to put it another way,yoko ono was just one of the many tour guides that the beatles ran into on their road to breaking up.

    to simplify the beatles breakup,it all boiled down to a dispute between lennon and mccartney,everyone else(yoko,the eastmans,allen klein,george,ringo,and phil spector among the people involved)was caught in the middle.

    if you want more detailed reasons as to why the beatles broke up then read this link:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Aj4Eo...

    as you see i got best answer(hence the answer you should read!)

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    Some people blame her because she wanted to be in the band and change stuff, but you are right about the different causes, no one knows now except Paul & Ringo.

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    i also think shhe was part of it. i really dislike yoko!! but paul george and ringo didnt like her at all. she sorta forced herelf on them. she made coments that made john farther apart from the group. she spoke opinions when she wasnt supossed to and.....grrrrrr i just dislike her!!!!! the beatles will live in my heart forever

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    You are quite right - she was not the cause. She's more a symptom.

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    Maybe people are racist? i have no idea. But i don't think she was the reason. I think that it was all just too much for them, the whole insane fame thing and maybe they really really really wanted to do solo careers!

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