NFL Mock Draft 2010!!!?

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    1 decade ago
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    Good picks except cleveland traded for Sheldon Brown so I don't think they would pick Hayden, they have too many other needs. Also, Oakland picking an OT would be the smart move, so obviously they won't be doing that, i'm thinking that Jason paul-pierre kid (because he is a combine warrior like al davis loves)

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i'm happy you enjoyed your classification! besides, i'm going to do my suited breakdown. one million-5: enormously good, although McClain at 5 is slightly a attain. even although, thinking Pioli is working KC, it does no longer ask your self me too plenty because of the fact he loves good shielding gamers. 6-10: no longer feeling the Clausen p.c.. at 6, because of the fact Pete Carroll probable might have extra interest in bringing in Matt Leinart somewhat than Jimmy Clausen. additionally, Derrick Morgan is an incredible p.c.. at 10 if it have been a various group. The Jaguars have spent countless selections on DLineman, yet I wasn't anticipating them to take one back. 11-15: good. DEN will choose for extra bodies to help their new 3-4 scheme, so williams is a sturdy determination. Bryant and Crabtree may well be an incredible duo in SF, if that happens, although Singletary needs winners, and that could be the sole element that holds that p.c.. up. If Osi U leaves the NYG, then they have gotta look at DL, yet that may not take place. yet another secure practices for the NYG does no longer harm. Brian cost at 14, may well be a good p.c.. understanding how undesirable Seattle's protection became too. sixteen-20: Titans ought to take suited available shielding participant, although Everson Griffen isn't a bad determination. CJ Spiller won't circulate to SF at 17, they have have been given larger themes than RB, and that i surprisingly doubt that would desire to take place. PIT needs extra O-Line help, sufficient pronounced. the subsequent 2 selections have been good. 21-25: Mays to cincinnati may well be a good p.c.. at 21, i theory he'd circulate slightly bigger, yet no huge undertaking there. NE needs a bypass rusher besides, yet O-line is a choose for they might desire to handle. GB is great offensively, yet extra intensity on OL is robust too. Brandon Graham, i've got faith might do bettter in a three-4, yet he can cope with properly in Philly's scheme, completely trust you at 25, Ravens might desire to draft extra offensive gamers for Flacco. 26-32: 26: good p.c.. 27: good 28: good 29: great, or yet another WR 30: If Favre leaves, they might look into yet another QB. Their OL is fairly good, yet they might circulate suited available. 31. extra shielding help is great 32. No Argument, yet possibly Donovan Warren from Michigan

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  • 1 decade ago

    Nice picks

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