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what are the top 10 things about having a cat and worst things?


thanks red jan it dont matter about given us 10 just as many as possible please

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    How about 10 overall?


    1. They give you unconditional love and make good companions.

    2. They are calmer (normally) than dogs and more self-sufficient.

    3. They potty train easily and don't have to be taken outside.

    4. They are so cute!

    5. They can be absolutely hilarious and make you laugh.


    1. They shed.

    2. They sometimes barf on your carpet/bedding.

    3. They can claw you or snag your clothes.

    4. They may not get along well with your dog.

    5. When they die, it breaks your heart. ( I just lost my cat of 14 years.)

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    what are the top 10 things about having a cat and worst things?

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    ~Best things~

    1.There Beautiful

    2.There snuggle bums

    3.They purr

    4.They cheer you up

    5.They made you LOL

    6.They can Kiss with a Gaze (true fact)

    7.They can turn a cat hater into a cat lover

    8.They love to Party!

    9.They love to eat with you lol

    10.They can be your best friend


    1.They Shed like Crazy

    2.They attack random objects

    3.Puke when you have guests

    4.Drink from the Toilet

    5.There litter box Reeks

    6.They dislike the vet

    7.They love Everyone even if you Really dislike them

    8.They wake you up at 5 or keep you up till 3

    9.They get sick

    10. Someday they die and you lose your best friend....

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    1.they cuddle

    2.they are cute

    3.they love people unless you buy a mean kitty

    4.they are playful so if your bored you can play with it by getting a ball or something

    5.they take care of mice so you dont have to worry about mice

    6.they love to entertain you

    7.they treat you sweetly if you treat them sweetly

    8.at night they will sleep in your room and keep you company

    9.they are lazy and sweet which=cute

    10.they love to play with you!


    1.they poop which =stinky

    2.they eat a lot which=money

    3.they scratch unless you declaw them

    4.they are sneaky

    5.they eat live fish so put your fish somewhere where the cat won't find them

    6.they hate babies because babies =tails being pulled

    7.they will bite you if your mean to them or scratch you if your mean to them or they are just playing attack

    8.they dont like dogs if dogs chase them around

    9.they get annoyed if you scare them when they sleep

    10.they dont like it when you wake them up!

    these are all the things you need to oknow what to do and what not to do hope that helps (:


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    I'm not a 'top ten' type of person, nor will I list out the negative, but I will tell you that every cat has a different personality, there are no two alike, just like people. Different cats have different moods, interests, energy levels, dietary habits, scratching preferences, and levels of interest in their person.

    A cat, just like a child, will respond to you in reflection to the manner you choose to interact with him or her, which will be a factor in the development of the cat's sociability.

    Some cats shed more than other cats. Some cats have hairballs while other don't. Some cats like to sleep with you while others don't. Some cats want to go outside while others don't. Some cats are good with other cats, while others aren't. Some cats like dogs, some don't. Some cats are finicky, some aren't.

    I used to have a cat I could travel with- he'd sit right on my lap while I was driving, or sleep in the back window. Sometimes he would stick his head out of the window and let the wind beat up his whiskers. Some cats are not travelers at all, and would prefer to never see the inside of a car.

    I don't 'have' cats. I share a home with them.

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    Cleaner than dogs





    Entertaining (especially if there are two)

    Cheap to keep

    Dont need to go for walks


    A female in heat/ a male spraying

    Scratch furniture/carpets (mine ripped a hole in the side of the bed)

    Play to rough....sharp claws

    Cat hairs

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    Good things:


    Entertainment/Making you laugh

    Love and affection

    Bad things:

    Stinky litter boxes


    Meowing when you're trying to sleep

    Sorry, couldn't come up with 10 things.

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    The Best:

    They purr when you pet them

    They purr

    They love you no matter what

    They are furry love balls

    They roll on their back sometimes for love

    They are great pest control

    They lay on your lap

    They run and play

    They don't bark loud and disturb people

    They poop and pee in a box and don't need to be walked

    They groom themselves

    They make cute noises

    They like to be combed

    They are awesome

    The Worst:


    But that's it.

    I love kitties

    Source(s): I have four cats
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