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Ok so heres my situation. I was married over a year ago to a monster and he abused my son broke 7 ribs a leg and wrist and my son was 1 years old @ the time. Hes been charged and in prison. This was in New Mexico and I filed for divorced and moved to California anyways I had a referal from CPS in Cali and they were to come by and check on the kids and me and see if I need any help. So mean while my son is almost 3 years old and Ive been teaching him son accidentally hit me in the eye with the bat causing injury to my face which was a minor black eye anywho Iam dating someone (We dont have Domestic Violence) but someone called CPS stating my boyfriend hit me(Which isnt true) well anyways CPS asked me about it and I told them no he hasnt hit me( We've never had police or anything like that) So my boyfriend is a amature boxer at that and he teaches me boxing which my kids seen him teach me well CPS didnt believe my story and went to my daughters school and asked her if he hit me ever and what happened with my eye she told them her brother hit me in the eye and they asked her has ur moms boyfriend hit her she said yes which she is 5 years old and sees us practice boxing, well I had a vacation planned and my mother lives in New Mexico I advised the worker I was leaving my son down there for a few months and she told me that if any one calls CPS on me from my previous case they will remove my kids and that it looks suspicious my son went to New Mexico(Which Iam a full time student for CMA and work full time) my mom is helping me out while I finish school and my daughter is staying with my grandmother cause i got to school 1030am-3pm and work 330pm-11pm.. Can they legally do this is what I am asking ? CAN THEY TAKE MY KIDS AWAY WHEN THERE IS NO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND/OR CAN THEY THREATNED ME LIKE THAT WITHOUT ANY POLICE OFFICERS BEING AT THE HOME AND IF MY NEIGHBOR OR WHOEVER SAYS HE HIT ME WHEN HE DIDNT? BECAUSE OF MY OLD CASE THAT GOT CLOSED

I dont understand how they can be suspicious they can still come by and see my daughter its not like I dont have any of my kids...I just dont have my son

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    First CPS can do anything they want to their operation in most states is very much like the Gestapo of old, but in the interest of child protection they take all matters into consideration, your boyfriend may be teaching you to box but doing in front of small children who may not be able to separate it from actual fighting is very risky and can result in CPS action, If in fact you are protecting your friend and he did hit you then you need assistance with your own thinking.Try to work with CPS as much as possible because they have the power to do anything they want.~

  • rosen
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    3 years ago

    If you will have an lawyer...or you'll be able to cross to authorized help, ask them to draft a "stop and desist" letter bringing up the significant statutes related to defamation of person. The lawyer too can state that you just, because the house owner, have the correct to reduce or develop the shrubery to your estate so long as it's inside the stipulated top regulated by way of town ordinances. Make definite that the letter stipulates the civil and crook consequences will have to she maintain to harrass you. She will both do one or 2 matters. She will give up that is what such a lot folks do once they get anything from an lawyer telling them to give up or she is going to increase the crisis. If so, then you definitely ought to stary making a papertrail to be able to preserve your self. Call the CPS social employee who got here out and ask her to ship you a letter of discovering with a view to state that there was once not anything flawed together with your residence. If she emails you or texts you. Keep copies on the grounds that they're admissible in court docket. Don't speak to her until without doubt essential and continuously within the precense of an grownup. A youngster's phrase particularly doesn't suggest plenty in court docket regularly. If she threatness or is menancing to the youngsters, name the police and get the next police record. They generally may not particularly do some thing until she bodily attempts to harm the kids however once more, it's approximately making a papertrail. Other than that, there particularly is not plenty you'll be able to do both than transfer or simply check out to disregard her up to feasible. Good Luck. P.S. You would desire to submit that is the legislation and ethics segment.

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