My monroe piercings red?

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i had it pierced on saturday, the swelling has mostly gone down so i thought it was healing but now its gone red and yesturday was stinging, its not as sore today but still red. Is more
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Perfectly normal.
Its a puncture wound, like half a week old. And you're asking to heal around stuff too..
Its still got quite a bit of healing to do. Clean it, but pretty much otherwise ignore it.
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  • ? answered 4 years ago
    Same thing happened to me my piercing was red for almost 2 weeks, when you sleep your jewelry can get caught on stuff and get bumped pretty hard and that will leave it red. Mine stung alot even though i never had a infection. As long as there isnt puss coming out or its swollen i wouldnt worry, the lip is very sensitive and it just takes time.


    My monroe
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