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    Most republican government officials aren't exactly what you'd call "tech savvy". They tend to be older, more traditional, and therefore, fewer of them understand how net neutrality and even how the internet works.

    "The Internet is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of tubes." - Ted Stevens, Republican.

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    Freedom-loving Republicans are against internet Neutrality as a results of fact it opens the door for the Feds to regulate the internet. look what they (democrats) did to the wellbeing Care industry: years of greater and greater rules that stifled the loose industry to the factor that it grew to alter into too costly for some human beings to purchase coverage. Then the democrats use the government to step in on their behalf, to 'save' them, from the evil coverage firms. they're going to do the real same difficulty to the internet.

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    If people keep listening to politicians and ignoring people that actually know how the internet works, they're going to lose out big time.

    he structure of the internet is shared by both companies and independent servers. No one company has claim to the entirety of the internet. An ISP is just an agent that allows you to access different portions of the internet. What this decision does is allow ISPs to carve out chunks of the net for themselves and if you don't belong to that specific ISP any information you send out that enters their server can be given second class status or even possibly deleted.

    When you send information out over the internet, your data does not stay specifically within the domain of your ISP. It utilizes a pathway that can span multiple servers including those that belong to universities and other companies.

    If a single company decides to give preferential treatment to their customers alone or decides to throttle internet speed for a certain user base then even people who do not subscribe to that ISP can be affected and suffer from slower internet speeds, connection issues and possibly data loss.

    oh and have fun trying to e-mail your friends if they use a different ISP than you do.

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    1 decade ago

    So you do not have the choice to switch internet providers?

    Why are libs against competition in business.

    Lets say Popeyes chicken supports a baseball team and helps defray some of the cost for up keep at the stadium, but the stadium then must allow the sale of only Popeyes chicken.

    Or better yet in Busch Stadium do you think they sell Miller?

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  • 1 decade ago

    As a matter of principle, Republicans tend to be against government involvement in just about anything more than national defense.

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    Let's say I'm undecided on Net Neutrality.

    First, I'd really like to see a significant problem exist before we go start regulating.

    If we regulate the internet like that, we may miss out on advantages created in the absence of that regulation.

  • Raatz
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    1 decade ago

    The politicians are against it because their corporate masters tell them too, but f--k knows why actual people would be against this. Advocating against their own best interests once again.

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    If you are reading this answer you are not yet a victim of net neutrality. Neutral people are zombies and drones.

  • Joe
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    try again.

    There is no net neutrality being spewed by the lies coming out of the white house and people like Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Boxer, Waxman and the rest that spew hate and lies. Take Arlen Specter for example. He is now a Democrat for one reason and one reason only. He believes that by making the party switch is the only way that he could possibly keep his seat in Pa. He has no interest in what the constituents want from him in public office.

    Source(s): It is funny how ignorant liberals in this forum say that Republicans voted against the healthcare bill in order to save profits for the insurance companies. This bill now increased the customer pool for the insurance companies by 30 million...since the Democrats held all discussions on the subject behind closed doors, the insurance companies stocks have climbed by nearly 30% and will continue to grow as people are forced to purchase a product of face government fines, that could then be paid for on a credit card and then once the balance gets above $10k a crooked Democrat liberal attorney will run an add saying let us settle the debt with the government for a fraction of the cost. that is some whacked out thinking by anyone.
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    Why are people for having the government solve all their problems, instead of letting the private sector work it out on their own, I am sick of the government regulating everything and soon to be regulating everyone and their lives...grow up people, you don't need a nanny state to protect you.

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